Membership Categories


A person joins the National Society of the SAR through a State Society and a local chapter. Tampa residents would join the Tampa Chapter, the Florida Society, and thus, the National Society.


The following membership categories are available:


Regular: A member age 18 or older who pays annual dues. Only regular members may vote and hold office in the SAR and receive the SAR Magazine for free.


Life: membership dues may be prepaid.


Junior: A member under age 18 who pays annual dues. He will be jointly enrolled in the CAR (Children of the American Revolution). His CAR dues are paid from part of his SAR dues.


Memorial: A male who is a deceased close relative of an SAR member and whose application is based on (most of) the same lineage as that SAR member. There are no dues and a portion of the application fee goes to the Society’s Permanent Fund.


Youth Registrant: A youth under the age of 18 for whom a fully documented application has been accepted and held in escrow. He is not a member and receives no member benefits but he can become a member (Junior or Regular) at any time before age 29, by activating his escrowed application through a State Society and paying annual dues.