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Article Index
This is an index of the historical articles that have appeared in our newsletters over the last five years. We hope it will make it easier for you to learn more about our nation's history and heritage.

Barren Hill & Lafayette
Moore's Creek
Hanging Rock
Hobkirk's Hill
Textbook versions of Lexington & Concord
The Battle & Massacre at Paoli
Naval Battle of Nassau
Point Pleasant
Thomas Creek
The Constitution
A review of 3 books on the Constituion
The Electoral College
What is a Constitution?
State Ratification, part 1
State Ratification, part 2
Gen. William Alexander
George Rogers Clark, part 1
George Rogers Clark, part 2
Gen. Henry Clinton
John Dickinson, part 1
John Dickinson, part 2
Louis Duportail, Washington's engineer
John Paul Jones & the Naval War
John Haslet
Henry & John Laurens
Gen. William Howe
Lord North
How Historical Sites Speak to Us, part 1
How Historical Sites Speak to Us, part 2
Morristown Winter Encampment
Liberty Trail, part 1
Liberty Trail, part 2
Christmas in the Colonies
Common Sense by Thomas Paine
The French Alliance
July 2nd, an Explanation
Two Snapshots: The fall of 1776 and the fall of 1778