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A brief history of the chapter


In a phrase, we take history seriously and we hope, in some small way, this page proves that statement.


Several years ago we scanned all the newsletters and meeting minutes that had previously been stored in dusty boxes. Now a few clicks can pull up our chapter activities for the past 30 years.


Trivia, you suggest? Perhaps. Yes, it is possible that no one will ever care about this small trove of history. But then, perhaps the same could be said of the thousand plus family letters written by the Wright brothers and their family.


In the acknowledgments for his book, The Wright Brothers, David McCullough expresses his gratitude to the Library of Congress, the collector and keeper of the Wright Papers. He writes, “Rare is the collection that provides so much depth and range, and all in such detail. In a day and age when, unfortunately, so few write letters or keep a diary any longer, the Wright Papers stand as a striking reminder of a time when that was not the way and of the immense value such writings can have in bringing history to life. Seldom ever did any of the Wrights – father, sons, daughter – put anything down on paper that was dull or pointless or poorly expressed. And much that they said to each other, and only to each other, was of great importance” (page 263).


Only time can determine the value of these documents. We, at this point in time, are not in a position to decide the question and so we collect, scan, and post. Perhaps this example will inspire you to do the same for an organization to which you belong.

Past Newsletters


Past Meeting Minutes


Past Chapter Officers