Minutes of the April 15, 2000 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Tetrick called the meeting to order at 12:05. Chaplain Jim Washburn gave the invocation and Dwight led the pledge to the flag and the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Dwight Tetrick, Marty Miller, Jim Washburn, Jim Chambers, Barry Rich,  Elwin Thrasher, Bob Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell,

Welcome guests: Janett Tetrick, Jack and June Bolen, and Joseph and Louise Hill Jr., Chuck Wilkson of the Lakeland SAR chapter, 4 JROTC cadets accompanied by 11 friends and family. Total number for this meeting was 29.


The membership approved the minutes of the March published in the newsletter.


The secretary reported good excellent cooperation with regard to the high school JROTC units.  Joseph Hill will be submitting his paper work for reinstatement this month.


President Tetrick reported that he had presented the ROTC silver award to Cadet Justin Springer at the University of Tampa earlier in the month. Kirby Halbert continues to be hospitalized and a small group planned to visit him immediately after the meeting to present him with his membership certificate.


Treasurer Marty Miller reported the chapter's financial transactions over the course of the past month. The current balance is $2,370.74.


No other old business was brought forth.


Barry Rich offered again to coordinate the Eagle Scout award if the chapter so desired. The members readily agreed.


President Tetrick reported an official from the state attorney's office would be at our May meeting to receive the law enforcement award.


The meeting recessed for lunch.


President Tetrick reconvened the meeting. He spoke briefly concerning the Sons of the Revolution" organization. Chuck Wilson, our guest from the Lakeland chapter, gave details about the Valley Forge society.


Secretary Kevin Yarnell, the coordinator for this ROTC awards meeting, gave the presentation. He began with a brief explanation of the award. Each cadet, in turn, was presented his medal and certificate.


Following this, the secretary gave a brief presentation on the book, "The Tipping Point", by Malcolm Gladwell. The book sought to examine the mechanism behind events that 'tip'. That is, events that seem to happen rapidly such as a significant drop in crime, or the explosive spread of some piece of information. One example used in the book was the ride of Paul Revere. The secretary briefly discussed the three major criteria or rules involved in such events, but concentrated on the first, "the power of the few". In this rule, the author examines why some people seem to have more influence than others do. Paul Revere, for instance, was able to alert the New England countryside to the advancing British regulars. However, a fellow patriot rider, was not anywhere nearly as successful even though he carried the same news.


The presentation was well received by those in attendance.


The 50/50 drawing fell to a guest from Brandon High School who donated the proceeds to the chapter.


The president Tetrick led the recessional, the chaplain offered the benediction, and the meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary