Minutes of the May 17, 2003 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Tetrick called the meeting to order at 12:10. Chaplain Jim Washburn offered the invocation. The compatriot Walter Lane led the pledge to the flag and the president the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Dwight Tetrick, Walter Lane, Rod Stebbins, Richard Hardesty, Marty Miller, Jim Washburn, Luke Loyd, and Kevin Yarnell.


Welcome guests: Richard Hardesty’s sister and mother, Billie Washburn, Jeanne Loyd, and Sean VanAtter receipient of the SAR Fire Safety award.


The president introduced the guests.


The SAR membership approved the minutes of the May meeting as published in the newsletter.


The secretary summarized this years ROTC awards program. Thanks to the efforts of President Tetrick, Vice President Bolen, Bob Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell, 13 JROTC awards were presented to various high schools and 3 ROTC awards to college units. The compatriots listed above were able to attend, and personally present, all but 2 awards.


The chapter received a thank you note from Cadet Tyler Marshall of East Bay High School and the secretary read the note to the meeting. A second note was received but not available to be read.


The secretary also read a letter received from Manning Miller, President of the St. Petersburg chapter of the SAR. Manning complemented the chapter on the monthly newsletter and sent a check for $5.00 to help offset the cost of sending it to him.


The treasurer reported a current balance of $2,165.76.


There was no old business.


President Tetrick presented membership certificates to Richard Hardesty and Rodney Stebbins. Each new compatriot spoke briefly to the members.


There being no other business the meeting recessed for lunch.



President Tetrick called the meeting to order and introduced Firefighter Sean VanAtter. Sean is an nine-year veteran of the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. His is assigned to Station 14 on 131st Avenue in North Tampa, which is the third busiest fire station in the state of Florida. He is a member of the HCFR’s Honor Guard. He served five years in the Marine Corps and two years in the Coast Guard Reserve.


Firefighter VanAtter told the story of a unique and heroic rescue wherein he saved five people from a burning car that had been involved in an accident on the Interstate near Busch Blvd in June of last year. He was returning to his station when he came upon a motor vehicle crash between a semi-tanker truck and a passenger automobile. Five people were trapped in the car and the car was on fire. With no protective equipment and without concern for his own safety, firefighter VanAtter forced entry into the vehicle and succeeded in removing all the occupants. Four of those rescued survived thanks to his efforts.


He received a special award from the President of the United States for his actions in this incident.


A brief question and answer followed. President Tetrick presented Firefighter VanAtter with the SAR Fire Safety award


Rod Stebbins thanked President Tetrick for coming to his community. Dwight presented 15 flag certificates to residents there in recognition of their faithful display of the flag.


Rod Stebbins won the 50/50 drawing. He graciously donated his share to the chapter. Thus the treasury was enriched by $8.00.


President Tetrick led the recessional and Chaplain Washburn benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:33 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary