Minutes of the November 20, 2004 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Tetrick called the meeting to order at 12:04. The President offered the invocation. Kevin Yarnell led the pledge to the flag and Jack Bolen the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Dwight Tetrick, Allen Bell, Marty Miller, Jack Bolen, Ed Neugaard, Jim Washburn, and Kevin Yarnell.


Welcome guests: Janett Tetrick, June Bolen, Billie Washburn, Duty Officer Teresa Rey, Captain Tharpe, Bill Nealy (Mr. Nealy’s father was a 13 year old ‘horse holder’ in the Civil War.)


The SAR membership approved the minutes of the October meeting as published in the newsletter with one correction, Dwight Tetrick should have been listed as the registrar in the slate of officers printed.


The secretary gave an update on the dues collected so far. Thirteen members have renewed as of this date.


The treasurer reported a current balance of $2,048.52.


The registrar gave an update on the status of new members and supplemental applications.


The president reported on the status of the Liberty Tree. The current plans are for the tree to be in Al Lopez Park and the presentation to be done in January. We are awaiting word from the Mayor’s office about the date.


The president asked for nominations from the floor. None were given. Elections were to be held this month but with only 6 members present a quorum was not achieved and so the elections were postponed until December.

Elected Positions:

            President                               Jack Bolen

            Vice President                      Ed Neugaard

            Secretary / Treasurer            Kevin Yarnell

            Registrar                                Dwight Tetrick

Newsletter Editor                  Rodney Stebbins, Sr.

Appointed Positions:

            Chaplain                                 Jim Washburn

            Historian                                 Robert S. Yarnell

            Sergeant at Arms                  Allen Bell

            Surgeon                                 Walter Lane, Jr.

            Archives                                 Kevin Yarnell

            CAR Liaison                          Robert S. Yarnell

            DAR Liaison                          Dwight Tetrick

            Knight Essay Contest           Kevin Yarnell

            Law Enforcement&               Ed Neugaard

            Fire Safety

            Liberty Tree                           Dwight Tetrick

            Medals & Awards                 Dwight Tetrick

            Senior ROTC             Dwight Tetrick

            Junior ROTC                          Kevin Yarnell


The meeting recessed for lunch.


The president reconvened the meeting. During the lunch Compatriot Jim Washburn arrived and so, with a quorum present, the group considered the election of officers. Jack Bolen moved that the slate be elected as presented by the nominating committee. A second was given and the motion was carried. Thus the new officers were elected.


President Tetrick then asked Jack Bolen to introduce the speaker. He introduced Teresa Rey who is a Duty Officer with the Florida Highway Patrol. She characterized her work as primarily one of officer safety in that she works communication between the officers and other personnel. Teresa gave some details on her work including some specific stories. The membership asked a number of questions which allowed Ms. Rey to expand on her work.


Her supervisor, Captain Tharpe, then gave a brief overview of the way by which the communications centers are organized. The center in this area controls Hillsborough and several adjoining counties. Last month they handled 65,000 phone calls.


President Tetrick then presented Ms. Rey with the Law Enforcement Award.


The 50/50 drawing was won by Captain Tharpe. He gave his winnings to Teresa in honor of her award. The treasury was thus enriched by $7.00.


The president reported on the death of George Schabaker. He sent a sympathy card on behalf of the chapter to his daughter and attended the military funeral at Bushnell. The secretary reminded the members that the chapter had a tradition of sending a $10.00 donation to the Endowment Trust Fund in memory of deceased members. The membership agreed to do this in memory of Compatriot Schabaker.


President Tetrick led the recessional and Chaplain Washburn gave the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:29 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary