Minutes of the January 15, 2005 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Tetrick called the meeting to order at 12:00. The president offered the invocation. The John Skillman led the pledge to the flag and the President led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Jack Bolen, Dwight Tetrick, Manning Miller, Rodney Stebbins, Ed Neugaard, John Skillman, Kenneth Skillman, Allen Bell, Luke Lloyd and Kevin Yarnell.

Welcome guests: JanettTetrick, June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd.


The President reported on the Liberty tree. The person we were dealing with at the City has left the position. Dwight expects an update later this month.


The president presented a membership certificate to John Skillman.


Manning Miller inducted the 2005 officers.


Following lunch the president began by expressing his and the chapterís appreciation for Dwight Tetrickís five years of service as the chapterís president and for Janettís help with our new memberís applications. The warm applause that followed indicated the memberís agreement.


President Bolen then asked the secretary for his report. The secretary apologized for being late due to his attendance at the State Society Board of Management Meeting. He reported that the chapterís annual report had been filed and that two new membership certificates had been received.


The treasurer reported a balance of $2229.98.


President Bolen then asked Dwight to present the membership certificate to Kenneth Skillman, our newest member.


The secretary explained to the membership why the yearbook had been delayed. Several of our members still have not paid their dues and he was reluctant to send the data to Rodney Stebbins and have it be inaccurate. Rodney had learned that Kenneth Skillman has expertise in newsletters and printing and he suggested that Kenneth take over the job as editor. The president accepted this as a nomination. After a second, the election carried.


Ed Neuguaard reported on the next monthís program. A professor at USF will be discussing an early home of George Washington.


The president reminded the membership of the passing of James Washburn our chaplain. Luke Lloyd agreed to do take on this job. After some discussion it was decided a second chaplainís book would be purchased and retained by the secretary.


President Bolen thanked Manning Miller for doing our officer induction.




Kenneth Skillman won the 50/50 drawing. The treasury was enriched by $12.00


President Bolen led the recessional and Luke Lloyd the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary