Minutes of the April 16, 2005 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bolen called the meeting to order at 12:00. Chaplain Luke Lloyd offered the invocation. The  President led the pledge to the flag and the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Jack Bolen, Luke Lloyd, Rodney Stebbins, Alan Bell, Marty Miller, Ken Skillman, Dan Stutzman, Walter Lane, and Kevin Yarnell.


Welcome guests: June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd, Dr. John Sessums, and Chuck Sheldon two prospective members, seven cadets, two JROTC instructors, and seven other guests.


The president introduced the members and guests.


The SAR membership approved the minutes of the March meeting as published in the newsletter.


The secretary briefly reported on the status of presenting the JROTC medals to local high schools and asked for volunteers willing to do so.


The treasurer reported a current balance of $2,336.13.


Chaplain Lloyd reported that he had contacted Ted Dickerson and Elwin Thrasher. Both are not in good health.


Dwight Tetrick, registrar, reported on the status of several new and prospective new members. The list was significant.


Dwight also reported on the status of the Liberty Tree. The dedication will be on May 7th at 1:30pm in Al Lopez Park. As you enter the park there is a pavilion on the right and the tree is near this pavilion. We hope to have the color guard from the Clearwater chapter attend.


President Bolen reported that the potential joint meeting with St. Petersburg SAR is on track. Next month we will discuss in greater detail the specifics of what we’d like the meeting to be.


Under old business the secretary reported that the current balance of the genealogy fund is $175 and asked if the members might consider a donation of $100 to Dr. Philip Levy. Dr. Levy is a professor at USF who spoke at our February meeting on an archeological dig of the early home of George Washington in Fredericksburg. After some discussion, Ken Skillman moved that the donation be made. The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.


The president presented Dwight Tetrick with a certificate of appreciation for all his work as past president. He also presented Janett Tetrick with the George Washington Medal for her work with the members in helping with their membership applications.


There being no other business the meeting recessed for lunch.


President Bolen called the meeting to order.


Kevin Yarnell then took the floor and gave a brief presentation on the Separation of Powers within the Federal Government.


He began with some introductory remarks for the benefit of the guests where in he gave some background of the SAR and the JROTC award.

The first section of the presentation gave a definition of the term ‘separation of powers’ and then examined how this played out in our government. For example, the executive branch appoints federal judges, but they must be confirmed by the senate. Further, judges effectively receive life appointments. This avoids a situation where a judge must continually win favor with the executive branch in order to retain the appointment.

The presentation then moved to the questions: Why did the framers include the concept of separation of powers and how did they arrive at the specific mix of powers outlined in the constitution. The answer to the first question is simply fear. They did not trust that the consolidation of power would always yield effective, non-tyrannical government, and they had plenty of historical examples to back up their fears. The framers arrived at the specific mix of powers in large measure due to compromise. The separation of the legislature into two houses is an example where comprise, in this case over equal representation of large and small states, created a check on power.

A look at the Federalist Papers gave additional insight into the thinking of the framers. The speaker pointed out to the cadets how the development of the argument in numbers 47 and 48 is a fine example of FCAT writing.

The speaker then moved to the Terrie Schiavo case as a recent example where the application of the separation of powers played out. The specific issue examined was the federal law that allowed the Federal courts to hear the case. Quoting first from the federal district court and then from the eleventh circuit court, the speaker showed how the judges deemed the law unconstitutional and discussed how, regardless of a persons moral views of the case, the system worked as intended and as we need it to work.

In concluding, he reminded the cadets that they share attributes that the membership values in our ancestors and encouraged them to continue to exhibit these character traits.


President Bolen then presented the SAR JROTC awards to the following outstanding cadets:

            Joshua Pratts, Brandon High School

            Daniel Ruiz, Hillsborough High School

            Timothy Lee, Ridgewood High School

            Donald Dyer, Tampa Bay Technical School

            Justin Downs, East Bay High School

            Christopher Baughman, Wharton High School

            Chris Reiff, Gaither High School


The 50/50 drawing was won by Janett Tetrick and the treasury thus enriched by $3.00.


Vice President Bolen led the recessional and Chaplain Lloyd gave the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:38 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary