Minutes of the September 17, 2005 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bolen called the meeting to order at 12:00. Chaplain Luke Lloyd offered the invocation. Marty Miller led the pledge to the flag and President Bolen the pledge to the SAR.


Members present:  Bob Yarnell; Jack Bolen; Dwight Tetrick; Ken Skillman; Marty Miller; Walter Lane; Ed Neugaard; Alan Bell; Luke Lloyd


Welcome guests: Jeanne Lloyd and Charles Sheldon


The minutes of the May meeting were approved without correction. Jack Bolen thanked Ken for his work on newsletter and its complemented him on its quality


In the absence of the secretary Bob Yarnell read the following secretary’s report.

I attended the State Board of Management meeting last month along with President Bolen. The new state president, Harry Hollien, has many innovative program ideas in the works. He is especially interested in raising the profile of SAR with a new emphasis on publicity. One idea along these lines involves the production and distribution of 60 second public service spots for radio. The subject of each piece would be some aspect of the revolutionary war. The committee charged with implementing this idea hopes to have something definitive by early 2006.


In the absence of the treasurer, Bob Yarnell reported a current balance of $2,516.51. This included two checks from the Endowment Trust Fund- one for $250 in reimbursement for expenses incurred in planting our Liberty Tree and the second for $276 in reimbursement for our ROTC medals.


Following the secretary’s report, President Bolen spoke briefly about the BOM meeting and complimented Kevin on job he does as state secretary.


Dwight then reported to the membership on the liberty tree presentation.  He then announced that due to his wife’s current health problems, he will need to relinquish the job as registrar.


New Business:


President Bolen announced that the nominating committee will be formed and in particular we need to look for some one to do the treasurers job and a replacement for Dwight in the registrar’s job.


Bob Yarnell informed the membership about the Congressional mandate for constitution day education programs around the country. He also expressed concern about the suggestions presented on the official website as topics for these programs.  The membership requested that Bob draft a letter to be approved at the October meeting to be sent up through SAR channels to see if the national organization should get involved in making sure the Constitution Day education suggestions are appropriate.


Luke Lloyd reported to the membership that he and his wife had stopped by the national headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky while traveling this summer to see the headquarters and do some research.  He was complimentary of the facility and the helpfulness of the people at the national headquarters.


In his capacity as chaplain he also informed the membership about Operation Helping Hand- a program of the Military Officers Association of America to help defray the costs of and assist families visiting their injured and wounded family service members. Following a brief discussion the membership approved a $100.00 contribution to be made from the chapter treasury.


The meeting recessed for lunch


After lunch the meeting resumed with President Jack Bolen presenting a program on the Revolutionary War in the south.  Jack first pointed out that while revolutionary war events in the north are better known, the war in the south is arguably much more important.  In addition to a brief overview of the major campaigns in the south, President Bolen explained the difference between the militia and the regular troops and why the militia should not be as soundly criticized as they have been.  While they had their bad moments, they were, after all, just plain farmers and shop keepers that were expected to stand up to the best soldiers the British had.  In some cases they performed admirably, in other cases not as well. He also briefly mentioned the guerilla activity of the American partisans. It was a nice presentation to start the year.


The 50/50 drawing was won by Bob Yarnell and the treasury was thus enriched by $6.00.


President Bolen led the recessional and Compatriot Lloyd offered the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.



Note: The secretary expresses his thanks to Bob Yarnell for taking the minutes of the September meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell