Minutes of the May 20, 2006 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bolen called the meeting to order at 12:00. Chaplain Richard Hardesty offered the invocation. Ed Neugaard led the pledge to the flag and the president led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Jack Bolen, Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, Ed Neugaard, Richard Hardesty, Alan Bell, Barry Marler, Ken Skillman, and Kevin Yarnell.

Welcome guests: June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd, William Riley and his daughter Billie Marie


The president introduced the guests.


The minutes of the April meeting were approved.


The secretary reported only typical monthly activity during the past month and briefly discussed the recent state society meeting.


 The treasurer reported a balance of $1924.02.


The registrar, Luke Lloyd, gave an update on the status of those applying for membership. There are 9 current working applications. Roger Quackenbush was approved this past week. The other new application with the state registrar is Willard Hawn. One prospect elected not to join sighting that the requirements to prove the bloodline are not strict enough – DNA being his preference.


There being no further business the meeting recessed for lunch.


President Bolen reconvened the meeting and introduced Vice President Neugaard who, in turn, introduced Captain William Riley of station 7 in the Bloomingdale area. The President presented the Fire Safety award and then asked the Captain to detail a story that had been widely reported in the papers. The story involved a boy who had been struck by and subsequently dragged by a car across an intersection. The 8 year old boy ended up trapped under the car. Equipment necessary to lift the car was several minutes away and so after a quick assessment Captain Wiley, by strength and ingenuity, lifted the car off the boy. The boy has since completely recovered.


The president then moved on to the remainder of the business meeting. Under old business the recently completed ROTC program was discussed. It was suggested that we begin the process of determining which member will present at which school earlier in the spring to allow better coordination. The secretary, who coordinates the program, thought this was a fine idea and agreed to do this next year.


The chapter continues to search for a suitable recognition for Janett Tetrick’s service to the chapter. Since she has already received the SAR awards available to the chapter the idea of some custom award was discussed. Richard Hardesty moved and Luke seconded that the President be empowered to spend up to $200 on a suitable award. The motion passed unanimously.


Allen Bell reported on our plans to begin a color guard. He has so far been unable to contact Ed Young the state commander but is confident that we’ll be ready to start at the latest in the fall.


The President called on Barry Marler to give a brief overview of his current activities. Barry is the recent past president of the Florida CAR and is now serving as a regional vice president of the National CAR. He is in the ROTC at Georgia Tech and has a busy summer planned having just completed his freshmen year.


Luke Lloyd suggested that the chapter secure the appropriate service medal for those current and future members who served in time of conflict. Ken will publish a notice in the newsletter asking members to provide information if they thus served.


The vice president reported that the September meeting would be to honor an FBI agent with a law enforcement award.


Marty won the 50/50 drawing and donated his share to the chapter. The treasury was thus enriched by $7.00.


President Bolen led the recessional. Chaplain Hardesty gave the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:31 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary