Minutes of the March 17, 2007 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Ed Neugaard called the meeting to order at noon.  Jack Bolen offered the prayer and Don Weir led the pledge of allegiance.


Members present were: Martin Miller; Walter Lane; Richard Hurley; John Skillman; Jack Bolen; Alan Bell; Cy Gamber; Don Weir; Ed Neugaard and Bob Yarnell.  Welcome guests: June Bolen and Rebecca O’Dell Townsend.


The minutes were approved as corrected.  Mr. Head’s name was misspelled and Luke Lloyd was missing from the list of members present.


In the absence of the Sec/Treas., Bob Yarnell offered the following report. The treasury stands at $2235.05.   Mention was then made of the ROTC awards luncheon for the April meeting.  Members who could were encouraged to look over the list of schools and presentation times to see if they could represent the chapter or to contact Kevin if they find out later they could.


In Luke Lloyd’s absence Bob also gave the registrars report.  We have numerous applications and supplements in the pipeline.  (Details are available on request).


Alan Bell reported on the color guard.  It will be presenting the colors at the CAR event on March 30th.


There was no old business.


Under new business, Jack Bolen showed the members a medal that was struck to commemorate the event honoring Captain Barry’s naval off of Florida.  Any members interested in helping the Brevard Chapter by purchasing one were told to see Jack.


A brief discussion was held concerning whether it might be worthwhile to put our Chapter’s info back in the national magazine.  Marty and Cy both offered comments that when it has been done in the past it has not produced any meaningful results or resulted in visitors showing up to the meetings.


Pres. Neugaard then adjourned the meeting for lunch.


Following lunch VP Alan Bell introduced the speaker, Rebecca O’Dell Townsend who spoke on the issues surrounding the checks and balance system of the Constitution as it relates to the federal court system.  After some historical background concerning the Declaration and the Constitution, she gave several examples of how the checks and balances have operated over the last two centuries.   She concluded that in order for the system to work as intended, the people must be knowledgeable about it and insist that their representatives use the various Constitutional tools available to them when necessary.


A brief question and answer period followed and Pres. Neugaard presented Ms. Townsend with a certificate of appreciation.


There was no 50/50 drawing.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:30.


Respectfully submitted in the secretary’s absence by Robert Yarnell