Minutes of the May 19, 2007 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Neugaard called the meeting to order at 12:06. Luke Lloyd offered the invocation. Allen Bell led the pledge to the flag and the president led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Ed Neugaard, Alan Bell, Marty Miller, Luke Lloyd, Jack Bolen, Dick Hurley, Ken Skillman, Robert Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell.

Welcome guests: June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd, Kumi and Alivia Ken Skillman, Merrell Friend from the John Devane chapter


The guests were introduced.


The secretary handed out copies of the report booklet from the recent Florida Society annual meeting and highlighted several areas that might be interesting to the chapter.


reported receiving a $25 donation from the Allen County Public Library in response to our sending them our monthly newsletter. The state society meeting is next weekend and he asked for information concerning the Keyhole to History CDís which will be requested at that time. Finally, we have a few ROTC units that require presenters. He asked that interested members see him after the meeting if they were interested in attending one of these events.


The Treasurer reported a balance of $1,931.50.


The registrar, Luke Lloyd, gave an update on his work. He reported that many have not been in contact with us for a while but others are moving forward. He suggested that the members encourage those they might know to continue their pursuit of membership.


Allen Bell gave a brief update on the color guard. He read a thank you note from the CAR and announced that the group will be riding with the CAR in the Lutz 4th of July parade.


Jack Bolen has obtained five of the medals issued by the Brevard chapter to commemorate the Last Naval Battle of the Revolution. Members that wanted one were encouraged to see him after the meeting. He also shared a special edition of the Brevard newsletter that showed pictures of the event.


Luke Lloyd suggested a social function for the membership. The membership thought this a fine idea and agreed to pursue it for the fall.

The meeting recessed for lunch.


President Neugaard introduced Compatriot Bell who read a short biography of Carl Sullivan the recipient of the SAR Fire Safety Award. President Neugaard presented the award to Mr. Sullivan and a brief question and answer session followed.


Allen Bell won the 50/50 drawing. The treasury was thus enriched by $6.50.


President Neugaard led the recessional. Chaplain Lloyd offered the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary