Minutes of the April 19, 2008 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bell called the meeting to order at 12:03. Chaplain Lloyd offered the invocation. Cadet Alex Robbins led the pledge to the flag and the president led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: John Sessums, Marty Miller, Jack Bolen, Luke Lloyd, Alan Bell, Robert Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell.

Welcome guests:  Scott Aikens- member of SAR in North Carolina, June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd, Eight JROTC cadets and their guests. Total in attendance was approximately 37.


Members’ wives were introduced and the cadets introduced themselves and their guests.


The minutes of the March meeting were approved with a correction emailed to the secretary by Ed Neugaard.


The secretary had no report. Treasurer reported a balance of $2,527.46


Luke Lloyd gave a brief report on his work as registrar. Cy Gamber’s supplemental has been approved and will be available for presentation at the May meeting.


Allen Bell reported that the Color Guard has been approved to participate in the July 4th parade in Lutz and is looking into participating in the larger parade in Brandon instead. We may ride rather than walk the route.


Luke Lloyd gave a report on the results of the poster contest. There were 17 entries. Luke explained the rules of the poster contest and gave a brief background on how the winners were determined. The three winners will be invited to the May meeting to receive their awards. The winning poster will be taken to the next Florida Society meeting in May by Compatriot Yarnell for entry into the state contest.


The meeting recessed for lunch.


Following lunch the President reconvened the membership and introduced the secretary Kevin Yarnell who gave a presentation entitled “Communication: A Look Through Time”.


Compatriot Yarnell devoted the first section of the presentation to communication at the time of the American Revolution. The separation from England was only possible when enough people were able to share in the ideas of the Revolution and the people, despite their extremely diverse backgrounds, had formed a new “American” identity.


The distances involved in communicating with England and other colonies presented a significant obstacle. But by the time of the Revolution printing in the form of newspapers, pamphlets, handbills, and the like was widespread and this medium probably did more to spread the ideals of the cause than any other. As an example Thomas Paines’ “Common Sense” sold 500,000 copies in the first year- a fantastic number for the times.


Communication in the 1800’s improved due to railroad and telegraphs. Every improvement simply made it easier and quicker to spread information.


The telephone was the next innovation discussed. This allowed for two stories directed at the cadets in attendance. The first illustrated the value of taking education seriously. The second, hopefully, allowed the cadets to better appreciate the technological wonder that is their cell phone.


The presentation concluded with a look at modern communications. In short we are able to communicate with a world wide audience almost instantly and the Internet makes it possible to find a truly enormous amount of information. While all of this can lead to greater communication among individuals and classes of people it can just as easily be little more than electronic babble. With this in mind, Compatriot Yarnell closed by asking how our ancestors might view modern communication. The founding fathers were men of ideas; had a focus; and spent time on their communication. Perhaps we might learn from this and lift ourselves above the overwhelming amount of information we access to look at the larger picture and thus form the key concepts and ideas needed to guide our lives and society. Then, as our ancestors did, we need to make the best use of the communication technology available to accomplish that task.


Following the presentation President Bell presented each cadet with their medal and framed certificate.

            James Thomas, Bloomingdale High School

            Adrian Alvarado, Hillsborough High School

            Ronald Shamblen, Alonzo High School

            Patrick Henderson, Brandon High School

            Davy Rodriguez, Freedom High School

            Christian Burgos, Wharton High School

            Alexander Robbins, Middleton High School


We also honored Cadet Richard Colhouer from Hillsborough High School who is the Tampa Chapter candidate for the “Best of the Best” JROTC contest. Richard has strong credentials and wrote a very nice essay. We’ll find out in May if he was successful at the state contest.


Jeanne Lloyd won the 50/50 drawing and donated her winnings to the treasury which was thus enriched by $28.00.


President Bell led the recessional. Chaplain Lloyd gave the benediction. The meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary