Minutes of the February 21, 2009 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bell called the meeting to order at 12:03.  Chaplain Luke Lloyd offered the invocation.  John Skillman led the pledge to the flag and the president led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present:

Jack Bolen, John Sessums, Marty Miller, Robert Yarnell, Alan Bell, John Skillman, Dick Young,     Quackenbush, Ed Neurregard, Barry Rich, Richard Hurley and others. [Note: The absence of the secretary made getting the roll a difficult task. We know that more members were in attendance and regret the omissions. Please contact the secretary with additions.]


Welcome guests:

June Bolen, Jeanne Lloyd, Mike Cheirio and his wife Bobby; Kathy Quackenbush, Mrs. Young, Milton Alexander and President of the Florida Society, Ron Toops.


The minutes of the January meeting were approved.


There was no secretary report as the secretary was not present due to a work commitment.


The Chapter books were audited by Marty Miller during January.  Due to this a treasurer’s report was not possible.  With regard to the audit, Marty reported the books balanced and were in good shape.


President Bell reported that the color guard has again been asked to present the colors at the State CAR Convention being held in Tampa on March 21st.  He will contact members between now and then to confirm who can attend. He also reported that the Boy Scout education outing is still a “go”.


The registrar, Luke Lloyd reported that he currently has 47 contacts/interested people on the books of which are 2 are new since his last report.  We have 3 applications at National and 1 currently at state.


Ron Toops then presented recently approved supplemental certificates to Luke Lloyd and Richard Hurley.


Under old business, Vice President Bob Yarnell reported that he would not need to use the money appropriated in January to acquire a speaker for March.  After a rough month, the problems which brought him to request some flexibility regarding getting speakers has been resolved and we are in good shape for the remainder of the year.  He did request $50.00 for the September speaker, Rodney Kite-Powell, curator of the Tampa Bay History Center.  At Rodney’s suggestion, the money will donated to the TBHC for a membership for the chapter.  A motion was made and seconded to approve $50.00 expenditure. The motion passed.


The current program schedule is:

March:  SAR Fire Award and 4th grade poster contest

April:    ROTC awards

May:     Jack Bolen will speak on the Battle of Cowpens

September:  Rodney Kite-Powell of the TBHC

October:  SAR Law Enforcement Award

November:   tentative Lt. Gen. James Ellis will speak on the Mid-east, radical

                        Islam and terrorism

December:  CAR program and another speaker TBA


Bob Yarnell reported that that he believed Kevin would have at the March meeting the sign up sheet for those who might be able to cover and present the ROTC medals at the various High Schools in the area.  Jack Bolen added his endorsement and encouragement to those who have not yet done it but might want to.


John Skillman brought with him to the meeting the Continental Line uniform worn by the Virginians.  He briefly explained it.  Most of the membership took the time prior to the meeting to view it and ask John questions.


Bob Yarnell added a few additional comments concerning his written comments about the article in the Florida Patriot on the Battle of Point Pleasant.


President Bell then adjourned the meeting for lunch.


Following lunch VP Bob Yarnell introduced Ron Toops, President of the Florida Society.  President Toops gave a thorough discussion of the fund raising efforts for “The Center” being constructed at the new National H Q building in Louisville.  He answered several questions from the membership and encouraged the members to contribute if they approved the project and were able to do so.  He left several forms for the chapter to use to record the contributions. He contributed a $25.00 check to act as “seed” money for the chapters’ efforts.  He also gave an update on this year’s bill before the legislature to upgrade the teaching of civics, government and history in the schools.


Jack Bolen won the 50/50 drawing.  He returned his half to the treasury which was enriched by $22.00.


Luke Lloyd gave the benediction and Bob Yarnell led the recessional.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:45.


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Yarnell

Acting for the Secretary.