Minutes of the May 16, 2009 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Bell called the meeting to order at 12:03. Luke Lloyd offered the invocation. John Sessums led the pledge to the flag and the President led the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Jack Bolen, Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, John Sessums , Walter Lane, Allen, Bell, Chuck Hawley, Deveax McLean, Roger Quackenbush, Ira Ward, Milton Alexander, Ed Neugaard, Dick Hurley, Robert Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell.

Welcome guests:  Jeanne Lloyd, June Bolen, and prospective members Tom Hawley, David Jenks, and Terrell Sessums


The President introduced their guests.


The minutes of the April meeting were approved.   


Secretary’s Report

The secretary gave a brief report of the FLSSAR annual meeting held April 24-25. The chapter received a 2nd place ribbon for the Chapter Challenge contest. In this contest our chapter was judged against others of similar size based on our activities for 2008. This is our best finish in many years and is due largely to Luke Lloyd’s effort in securing new members (for which we receive significant numbers of points) and our ROTC program which is also weighted heavily.

            Wharton High School is conducting their JROTC awards ceremony this Tuesday and the secretary asked if any member was available to attend. None were and he will make arrangements to have the unit commander present the award on our behalf.


The Treasurer reported a balance of $2,670.48 and petty cash of $70.84.


The registrar, Luke Lloyd, reported that we have about 50 prospects on our list. Chuck Hawley and Richard Beatty have both been approved as of May 13th. Four applications are at National awaiting processing. Luke shared some information he obtained from a workshop held at the recent State Society meeting. The workshop provided some excellent information especially with respect to finding documentation from DAR applications.


President Bell reported that the Color Guard will again be participating in the 4th of July parade in Lutz.


The President presented Dick Hurley with an approved Supplemental.


Vice President Yarnell reported that neither education bill considered during the recent Florida Legislation session passed. The bills were not precisely what the Florida Society had wanted and likely would not have done anything to improve history education in the public schools so their defeat is likely a positive outcome.


President Bell reported that the downtown library is in the process of purchasing Revolutionary War records on microfilm. This could be a significant resource for both current and perspective members.


The meeting recessed for lunch.


The President reconvened the meeting and called on Vice President Yarnell to introduce the program. Bob introduced Jack Bolen who spoke on the Battle of Cowpens.


[Secretary’s note: Jack did a great job with this talk. The few notes below do not do his presentation justice but will, perhaps, give a broad overview.]


Jack began with some background of the war in the south after 1780. He gave an overview of the British’s “Southern Strategy” and its early success. Information on the makeup of both armies was helpful and explained the British success.


Using a musket as a prop, Jack was able to explain some of the details of the weaponry at the time particularly as it related to the strategy used by British regulars in battle.


The Battle of Cowpens was the first time an American force met an equally strong British force and prevailed. Considering that the British were clearly the best fighting force in the world at the time, this was an amazing feat. Morgan was in command and was successful because of his effective use of the militia. The strategy was to put sharp shooters out front with orders to shoot for the officers. Next the militia was placed with orders to fire two good shots then retreat behind the regular Continentals.


When the battle began, each group did their job. As the militia retreat, the British commander is convinced that the Continentals are fleeting the battle and a clear victory will be his. The British race after the fleeting militia and run into the waiting Continental regulars who had been reinforced by the retreating militia. Their volley shot at the charging British was a decisive moment and the battle quickly turns in favor of the Continentals.


Jack concluded with a summary of the southern theater and then answered some questions from the members.


The secretary acknowledged our anticipation that the poster contest winners would be present to receive their prizes. Since that didn’t work out, Luke Lloyd will take charge of the awards and present them to the students at their school. Kevin also announced that our chapter winner, Ty Woods, had won the state contest and his poster would now be entered into the National contest. Our chapter winners were:

First Place went to Ty Woods (10 years old, 4th Grade, Mrs. Whidden’s class)

Second Place to Samantha Talley (10 years old, 5th grade, Mrs. Uhlarik’s class)

Third Place to Aisling Moss (10 years old, 4th grade, Mrs. Whidden’s class)

Each will receive a small trophy, certificate, and a cash award from the chapter. Ty will also receive an award and prize money from the state society.


The secretary, alas, forgot to bring the 50/50 tickets so the President asked that members might consider an additional tip to our server.


The President led the recessional, Luke Lloyd gave the benediction, and the meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary