Minutes of the Sept. 17, 2011 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Luke Lloyd called the meeting to order at 12:00. .


Chuck Hawley led the Pledge of Allegiance and Pres. Lloyd led the SAR Pledge.


Members present: Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, Alan, Bell, Dick Young, John Sessums, Ed Neugaard, Leo Kelly, Gray Reese, Chuck Hawley, David McCallister, Terrell Sessums, Paul Farley, Robert Yarnell, Milt Alexander, Robbins Denham, Ira Ward


Welcome guests:

Wives:  Lisitte Young, Nora Sessums, Jean Lloyd

Other guests: Glenn Clepper, Greg Tilsdale, Paul Ergler, Royall Brown, The Honorable E J Salcines


The President introduced the guests.


Pres. Lloyd then awarded the following:

            Leo Kelly – Military service medal

            Robbins Denham---new member

            Gray Reese ---two supplementals


The regular order of the meeting was adjusted by the President


The Chapter adjourned for lunch at 12:15


Terrell Sessums introduced the Honorable E J Salcines.  Among the positions he has held over the past several decades include ass’t state attorney, ass’t U S attorney for Central Florida ands serving on the 2nd Court of Appeals.  He was educated at Florida Southern College and Stetson Law School.


His presentation was entitled “Spain, the Forgotten Ally”.   He detailed the impact of Spain’s involvement in the American Revolution. Included was the emphasis on the war as a world war, once France and Spain entered and the “what ifs” for Florida and the Gulf Coast had Spain not entered the war.   He spent considerable time explaining the importance of Bernardo de Gálvez in this regard. 


The talk was very interesting and enjoyed by the membership.


Following some questions the President presented Mr. Salcines with a certificate of appreciation.


The minutes of the May meeting were approved.  


The Treasurer was absent due to illness so there was no treasurer’s report.


The vice-president related notes from members that were unable to attend the meeting.  Since Jack Bolen was absent, Bob Yarnell also explained the new way we were going to handle the ROTC program.


Alan Bell gave the registrars report.  There are two applications approved, three more that should be approved by Jan. and over half a dozen supplementals in the works or close to being approved.  He also reported the Color Guard marched in the Lutz parade in July and is planning on being a part of the Wounded Warriors ceremony in Nov.


Luke informed the membership of the plans to work a table at the Fla. Genealogy Conference on Oct. 1st.  A report will be made at the Oct. meeting as to its success.


Vice President Bob Yarnell gave the report of the nominating committee with special emphasis on the need for a secretary and an explaining  the duties of the office.


Pres. Luke Lloyd then summarized all of the issues and concerns facing the chapter:  the need for a secretary, the need for people to step up and participate in the ROTC program, the need to have people try to attend the Fla. BOM meetings and the need for people to work on publicity for the Chapter.


He also mentioned the Chapter Challenge and that members of the chapter should inform the (secretary when we get one) or for now the Pres. if they know of any of the criteria we have met over the past year.


He also mentioned Operation Helping Hand, a visitation program at the V A hospital.  Operation Helping Hand (OHH) is a local program begun in 2004 to help the wounded and their families who are at James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa.  The third Thursday evening of each month at 6 p.m., the OHH Committee has a catered supper for these folks in the dining room area of the Spinal Care Clinic.  Anyone can attend and interact with these families.  SAR members are encouraged to attend.


Chuck Hawley won the 50/50 and donated his share to the treasury.  The treasury was thus enriched by $21.00.


The President led the recessional, Dick Young gave the benediction, and the meeting adjourned at  2:20..


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Yarnell, Vice President and

(very) temporary Secretary