Minutes of the Oct. 15, 2011 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Luke Lloyd called the meeting to order at 12:00.


Members present: Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, Alan, Bell, Cy Gamber, Charles Bearss, Terry Doan, Chuck Copeland, Leo Kelly, Jack Bolen, Chuck Hawley,Paul Farley, Robert Yarnell,Robbins Denham, John Skillman


Welcome guests:

Wives:Judy Copeland, June Bolen

Other guests: Glenn Clepper, Mike Frayn, Leigh Frayn, Dave Bryant, Robert Denham, David Whipkey, Jack Spangler Detective Ronald Corr


Jack Bolen gave the invocation. John Skillman led the Pledge of Allegiance and Pres. Lloyd led the SAR Pledge.


The President introduced the guests.


The minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter.There was no secretary report.Chuck Copeland reported a balance of $2055.91 in the treasury.Chuck Copeland also announced that dues invoices would be going out and that the dues would be $65.$30 for the national, 20 for the state and 15 for the chapter.A brief mention was made of possible insurance problems.This will be addressed in the spring by the by-laws review committee.

Alan Bell reported 3 new applications, 3 supplementals in process and 3 that have been sent to national.

Ed Neugard, Jack Bolen and Alan Bell represented the chapter at the Fla. Genealogical society meeting at USF.They reported that it seemed to go well and was useful for getting the word out about the chapter.

President Lloyd then reviewed the chapter challenge reminding members to tell the chapter of any thing they have done or participated in that might garner points.


New Business.

John Skillman reported on attending the Ramseurís Mill event.

Pres. Lloyd then presented John Spangler with his new member certificate.

Mention was made, again, of the review of the By-Laws and Constitution that will be done in the spring.

Jack Bolen then reviewed where we stand on the ROTC program.


President Lloyd, adjourned the meeting for lunch at 1:10.


After lunch, VP Bob Yarnell introduced Detective Ronald Corr. Detective Corr then spent a few minuets explaining the nature of his work. He is involved in investigating and working to stop metal theft in the county, especially copper.He gave a few examples of the types of cases he has worked on. There followed a brief question and answer period. President Lloyd awarded him the SAR Law Enforcement award.††††††


After Det. Corrís presentation, the business meeting resumed.


Bob Yarnell gave the report of the nominating committee. (the slate of officers is attached to this email) A discussion ensued that resulted in a consensus of the chapter to approve the post of chancellor and further explanation of the at large members of the Board of management took place.



________ won the 50/50 and donated his share to the treasury.The treasury was thus enriched by $.


The President led the recessional, Jack Bolen gave the benediction, and the meeting adjourned at2:20..


Respectfully submitted,


Robert Yarnell, Vice President and

(very) temporary Secretary