Tampa Chapter, Sons of American Revolution

Minutes of the November 19, 2011 meeting

The meeting convened at 12:00 noon.  Vice President Robert Yarnell chaired the meeting in the absence of President Luke Lloyd.

Jack Bolen gave the invocation.   Cy Gamber led the Pledge of Allegiance and the SAR Pledge.

MEMBERS PRESENT:    Milt Alexander, Charles Bearsse, Alan Bell, Jack Bolen, Douglas Brown, Chuck Copeland,  Robbins H. Denham, Gilbert Doan, Paul Farley, Cy Gamber, Chuck Hawley, Leo Kelly, Charles Klug, Marty Miller, Ed Neugaard, Roger Quackenbush, Gray Reese, John Sessums, Terrell Sessums, John Skillman, John Spangler, Dick Young, Robert Yarnell

GUESTS ATTENDING:   David Boyette, Glenn Clepper, Judy Copeland, Mike Frayn,  Neva Sessums, Ellie Skillman, Lillian Spangler, Greg Tisdale (SAR inactive), David Whipkey, Kay Whipkey, Lisette Young

There were no minutes of prior meetings to approve.

Treasurer, Chuck Copeland, gave a financial report of which cited a balance of funds available in the amount of $1,670.33


                REGISTRAR:  Alan Bell reported status of applications:  At National level there is one approved but not yet received and there are three being processed.  At State level there is one and another to be sent forward in the next week.  There are several interested men preparing applications for submission to the chapter.

                ROTC RECOGNITION:  Jack Bolen reported that we now have 25 high schools in our area with ROTC units which we wish to honor.  We need a few more members to volunteer to be point(s) of contact with some schools.  A sign-up sheet was circulated.  We will recognize cadets at each school in May and host the cadets, military instructors and guests of cadets at our April meeting.

                STATE BOM LIASON:  John Skillman attended the fall meeting of the State Board of Managers in Kissimee and reported on the content of their meeting.  He encouraged our members who wish to understand how the State organization works, to attend the next meeting, January 13-14, 2012 at the Ramada Inn, Kissimmee.  Reservation information is available from Compatriot Skillman.



                A Civil War Roundtable is being established in Tampa.  Jack Bolen is spearheading this effort.  The Tampa Bay History Center is assisting by allowing use of its meeting rooms and parking area for participants.  Civil War Roundtables are part of a national movement; however, each roundtable is independent and not a part of a national organization.   The first meeting will be held at the Tampa Bay History Center, 801 Old Water Street (East side of the St. Pete Times Forum) at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, January 25, 2012.

                Cy Gamber reported on his family genealogy project, turning his many and varied papers into a well organized booklet.   He credited the help he got by taking a course at USF on “WORD 2007-2010” software.   This course is part of USF’s Lifetime Learning Program.  It is reasonably priced, short in duration and the quality of instruction is excellent.

There was no Old Business to be addressed.

NEW BUSINESS:   The election of Officers for 2012 was held.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Leo Kelly moved that the slate for 2012 officers proposed at the last meeting be approved.  John Sessums seconded the motion.  The slate was unanimously approved, to wit:

President:  John E. Skillman / Vice President: Robert Yarnell / Secretary:  Jack Spangler/ Treasurer:  Chuck Copeland / Registrar: Alan Bell / Chaplain: Jack Bolen / Newsletter Editor: Robert Yarnell

At Large Members of Board of Governors:  Terry Doan and Dick Young

Jack Bolen assumed chairmanship of the meeting, relieving Robert Yarnell due to an urgent family requirement.  

The meeting recessed at 12:35PM for members and guests to dine. 

The meeting reconvened about 1:05 PM.  

Jack Bolen introduced the Guest Speaker, Mr. David Boyett, who spoke on “Understanding your DNA - - Genealogy and DNA”.    He also addressed how various population groups migrated and what some of the historical influences had been in such migration.   Following the excellent informational and interesting talk, John Skillman presented Mr. Boyette a certificate of appreciation from our chapter.

Following the Benediction and Recessional, the meeting adjourned about 1:40 PM.