Tampa Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution
Minutes of Chapter Meeting
Meeting date: May 19, 2012


Call to Order:

The monthly meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution was held at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Tampa, Florida on May 19, 2012.The meeting convened at 12:00 pm, President John Skillman presiding, Mike Frayn, secretary.
Chaplain Jack Bolen gave the invocation. President John Skillman led the Pledge of Allegiance. Compatriot Jack Bolen led the SAR Pledge.

Introductions of Compatriots and Guests

Members in attendance:Chuck Bearss, Alan Bell, Jack Bolen, Terry Doan, Paul Ergler, Paul Farley, Mike Frayn,  Chuck Hawley, Leo Kelly, Robert Koehler, Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, Ed Neugaard, Roger Quackenbush, Gray Reese, Terrell Sessums, John Skillman, Bob Yarnell and Dick Young.
Guests in attendance: Margie Reese, Brett Thomas, Ellie Skillman, Cathy Quackenbush, Lisette Young, Neva Sessums, Jeanne Lloyd, Granville Meier, Linda Meier, Glenn Clepper, John Ogden, Royall Brown and Dave Bryant.

Introduction of Past Presidents
Reports from the Board of Governors:


President John Skillman attended DeSoto Chapter DAR on 13 April and presented SAR Medal of Appreciation to Edna Broyles.
President Skillman mailed Letters of Congratulations and Certificates of Recognition to five Eagle Scouts at the request of State Chairman.
President Skillman was awarded Bronze Color Guard Medal & Certificate by the Fincastle Resolutions Chapter in Roanoke, VA.
Reported on May Board of Manager's meeting and installation of all new state officers. Compatriot Mike Frayn donated his 50/50 winnings of  $117 to the JROTC fund.
President Skillman distributed the Lineage Society matrix to all members. The matrix lists the majority of historical societies that our members belong to.
President Skillman invited new state President Phil Tarpley to our December 2012 meeting to install the new chapter officers.
President Skillman invited Jeanne Lloyd to speak about the SAR Ladies Auxiliary.

President Skillman invited Compatriot Robert Koehler to discuss the lineage society, International Society of the Descendents of Charlemagne, which was founded in 1984. There are approximately 150 gateway ancestors that have been verified as descendents of Charlemagne. There is a $50 appinvited lication fee. The website is charlemagnesociety.org
President Skillman gave special thanks to Jack Bolen for his work on the JROTC program and then recessed the meeting for lunch at 12:20. The meeting resumed at 1:00.

Vice President:  Compatriot Bob Yarnell announced that Compatriot Kevin Yarnell was in Tampa but was attending a mandatory clerical event.

Compatriot Mike Frayn asked for additions or corrections to the minutes of the April meeting. Hearing none, President Skillman approved the minutes as published in the Newsletter.
Compatriot Frayn passed out instructions for members to log into the Florida SAR website and update their personal information. He asked each member to log in and verify their information and add their Patriot information.

Current Balance $2,010.67

Gray Reese III Supplemental is at state, Glenn Clepper’s application is at state level, Dave Bryant’s application is at national, pended. Multiple supplements have been submitted.

No color guard activity last month. The color guard will participate in the 4th of July parade and possibly at an event on June 30th.

Presentation of Chapter Awards:
3 Supplemental Certificates were presented to Compatriot Chuck Hawley
A Supplemental Certificate was presented to Compatriot John Skillman
A Supplemental Certificate was mailed to Compatriot John Sessums, who was unable to attend.
The Honorable Mention Ribbon for the Florida Society Chapter Challenge was presented to Color Guard Commander Alan Bell to be placed on our Chapter Flag.
Compatriot Bob Yarnell introduced Linda Meier, State of Florida SAR Knight Essay Contest Winner. Linda addressed the chapter about her reasons for writing her essay on the American flag. President Skillman asked her to send a copy of her essay to him so he could forward it to all the chapter members.
Compatriot Bob Yarnell introduced the guest speaker, Frank Correa, Armed Forces History Museum Historian. The museum is located in Largo, Florida. The museum fulfills two missions; To honor service personnel and to educate our young people about the history of the military. The founder of the museum donated 90% of the exhibits in addition to the building and the land. Mr. Correa was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.
Every Member a Recruiter – Challenge Coin Reminder
3rd Annual Conference on the American Revolution on Jefferson’s biographers, Charlottesville, VA, 22-24 June

Next Meeting 15 September – Constitution Day Program

Adjournment:The meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm

Mike Frayn

Date of approval” 6 June 2012