Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution


MINUTES of Chapter Meeting

Meeting date: September 15, 2012


Call to order: A monthly meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution was held at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Tampa, Florida on September 15, 2012. The meeting convened at 12:00 pm, Vice President Bob Yarnell presiding, Mike Frayn, secretary.

Chaplain Jack Bolen gave the invocation. Vice President Bob Yarnell led the Pledge of Allegiance and the SAR Pledge.

Introductions of Compatriots and Guests

Members in attendance: Milton Alexander, Chuck Bearss, Alan Bell, Jack Bolen, Ed Clark, Paul Ergler, Paul Farley, Bill Floyd, Mike Frayn, Chuck Hawley, Charles Klug, Ed Neugaard, Gray Reese Jr., Terrell Sessums, John Sessums, Alan Tisdale, Bob Yarnell and Dick Young.

Guests in attendance: June Bolen, Lisette Young, Neva Sessums, Charlie Garrison, Dr. Edward Silbert (guest speaker).

Recognition of Past Presidents.

Approval of Minutes: Vice President Bob Yarnell asked for additions or corrections to the minutes of the May 2012 meeting. Hearing none, he approved the minutes as published in the Newsletter.


Reports from the Board of Governors:

President: No report, not present.

Vice President:

         Speakers have been booked through December 2012 meeting. Spring meetings have no one scheduled. Several tentative commitments from fire/law enforcement for October 2012 meeting.

Secretary :

         Compatriot Mike Frayn told members that the dues notices will be mailed next week. He asked the compatriots to pay promptly.


         Current Checking account balance $1617.25


         The Color Guard performed on June 30th in downtown Tampa at a ceremony to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Tampa during the Civil War. Alan Bell and Jack Bolen carried the U.S. flag in Revolutionary War Militia uniform and Marty Miller was also present..

         National now only requires one copy of SAR applications on bonded paper. All fields must be filled in with Unknown, N/A or Living as appropriate.

         We have three new members and three new prospective members.

Compatriot Ed Neugaard discussed the lineage society, the National Huguenot Society. It is a society of the descendents of French Protestants who fled France because of religious persecution. The Huguenots were forced to convert to Catholicism or leave France. Ed has a list of approved Huguenots ancestors. The society meets twice a year at the Tampa or St. Petersburg Yacht Club. The website is http://www.huguenot.netnation.com/general/


Vice President Bob Yarnell asked for nominations for the nominating committee. Jack Bolen, Charles Klug and Alan Bell were nominated. All accepted. The nominations were seconded and approved by all members present. Vice President Bob Yarnell announced that he would not be able to fill the Vice President position next year. Compatriot Jack Bolen announced that he would not be able to fill the Chapter Chaplain position next year. The nominating committee was to meet immediately after the Chapter meeting.


Compatriot Bob Yarnell recessed the meeting for lunch at 12:15. The meeting resumed at 12:50.


Presentation of Chapter Awards:

         The Chapter received the Partners in Patriotism Certificate.

         A Membership Certificate was presented to Compatriot Gray Reese Jr. for his son Gray Reese III who was not present.


Compatriot Bob turned the meeting over to Compatriot Dick Young, Program and Events Chairman, who introduced the topic of our guest speaker: The 225th anniversary of the signing of The Constitution. Two books on The Constitution will be donated to the Hillsborough County Library from the SAR Tampa Chapter. Constitution bookmarks were provided by the Winding Waters Chapter (Hernando County) of the DAR to all members and guests.


Compatriot Bill Floyd introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Edward Silbert, retired professor, USF. Dr. Silbert has a BS from CCNY, Masters from Cornell and PhD from UF. His topic today was the Articles of Confederation and The Constitution.


Compatriot Dick Young presented Dr. Silbert with a Certificate of Appreciation. Dr. Silbert picked the 50/50 ticket. Compatriot John Sessums won and donated his proceeds to the Chapter.


Compatriot Dick Young led the Recessional.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned 2:00.


Mike Frayn

Secretary Date of approval: September 16, 2012

Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution