Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution


MINUTES of Chapter Meeting

Meeting date: May 18, 2013


Call to order: A monthly meeting of the Sons of the American Revolution was held at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Tampa, Florida on May 18, 2013. The meeting convened at 12:00 pm, President John Skillman presiding, Mike Frayn, secretary.


Compatriot Jack Bolen gave the invocation. Compatriot Mike Frayn led the Pledge of Allegiance. Compatriot Dick Young led the SAR Pledge.


Introductions of Compatriots and Guests.


Members in attendance: Chuck Bearss, Alan Bell, Jack Bolen, Terry Doan, Paul Ergler, Paul Farley, John Faulk, Bill Floyd, Mike Frayn, Cy Gamber, Chuck Hawley, Charles Klug, Luke Lloyd, Marty Miller, Ed Neugaard, Terrell Sessums, John Skillman, Dwight Tetrick, Bob Yarnell and Dick Young.


Guests in attendance: June Bolen, John Berthold, Jeanne Lloyd, Timothy Badger, Tom Rohr, Mike Fisher, Terri Dieter, Lisette Young, Judy Walters, Jerry Walters, Glenn Clepper, Dave Braun, Brian French, Ham Evens, Anne Evans, Alex Evans, Ellie Skillman, Olivia Skillman and Natalie Skillman.


Compatriot Bob Yarnell introduced the speaker, Mr. Dave Braun of Veterans Memorial Park. Mr. Braun was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a check for $100 payable to the Veterans Memorial Park. Mr. Braun spoke about the programs and various memorials at the park.


President Skillman recessed the meeting for lunch at 12:30pm. The meeting resumed at 1:04 pm.


Introduction of Past Presidents.


Reports from the Board of Governors:



         Re-circulated committee list. Urged new members to join a committee.

         Solicited donations from members to the SAR Foundation.

         Mailed an Eagle Scout Certificate to Benjamin Phillip Bryant.

         Attended the Spring BOM with Dick and Lisette Young.

         Attended the Desoto DAR Officer Installation Luncheon on 10 May.

         Sent copy of the FLSSAR Memorial Service Program to families of Willard Hahn and Elwin Thresher.

         Thanked Compatriot Luke Lloyd for his donation to the chapter.


Vice President: Compatriot Dick Young presented the Medal of Appreciation at the Winding Waters DAR Chapter to Lisette Young on 16 May for bringing in two SAR members.

Secretary: Compatriot Mike Frayn asked for additions or corrections to the minutes of the April 2013 meeting. Hearing none, President Skillman approved the minutes as published on the website.



         Current Checking account balance $2212.47

         Compatriots Dick Young and Paul Farley audited the chapter checking account. No issues.


Registrar: 7 new member approvals, 1 application at national, 1 at state and 11 more in process.


Committee Reports:

Color Guard: Compatriot Bell participated in the April Honor Flight Welcome. Will bring color guard for May Welcome.


         Compatriot Jack Bolen reported that the chapter made 3 college level awards to ROTC cadets at USF and 27 JROTC awards.

         Ten members made awards: Jack Bolen, Alan Bell, Terry Doan, Luke Lloyd, David McCallister, Ed Neugaard, Gray Reese, John Sessums, Dwight Tetrick and Dick Young.

         At our annual JROTC awards 9 cadets attended, 8 instructors and 14 guests.

         The chapter received a thank you note from Cadet Colt Paully.

Program and Events Chairman: Compatriot Young passed out volunteer applications for the Veterans Administration Wheelchair games in July. He also passed out flyers for Wreaths Across America. He is hoping that we can support the American Legion Post 5 in Tampa this winter.


         Compatriot Luke Lloyd announced that there were 14 SAR members ready to transfer to the Sun City Chapter when activated. They are meeting with the state on 8 June.

         Compatriot Bob Yarnell gave the chapter an update on Compatriot Kevin Yarnell.

         Next meeting is 21 September.

         Fall BOM is 6-7 September


New Members: President John Skillman inducted Ham Evans, Jerry Walters, Tom Rohr and Timothy Badger and presented them with their Certificates of Membership. President Skillman also presented John Berthold's certificate to Luke Lloyd.

Presentation of Chapter Awards:

         President John Skillman presented NSSAR Past President Certificates to Alan Bell, Ed Neugaard, Jack Bolen, Dwight Tetrick and Terry Doan. Luke Lloyd received his last year at the FLSSAR Annual Meeting.

         President John Skillman presented 10-Year Membership Pins to Jack Bolen, Ed Neugaard, Dwight Tetrick, Terry Doan and Luke Lloyd.

         President John Skillman presented Compatriot Mike Frayn with a supplemental certificate for his patriot ancestor John Permenter.

         President John Skillman presented Alan Bell and Terry Doan with the Chapter Challenge Streamer.

         President John Skillman presented Dick Young with the Challenge Coin for recruiting Jerry Walters. President Skillman was also entitled to a Challenge Coin for recruiting Ham Evans.





New business:

President Skillman spoke to the membership about presenting all guest speakers representing a 501(c)(3) organization or other charitable or worthy organization with a $100 check payable to their organization. To fund this initiative he proposed increasing local chapter dues by $10 in 2014.


Motion: Moved by Mike Frayn that the proposed dues increase be approved. Dwight Tetrick seconded. Motion carried.


Guest Alex Evans picked the 50/50 ticket. Bob Yarnell won.


Compatriot Paul Ergler led the Recessional. Compatriot Jack Bolen led the closing prayer.


Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 1:57


Mike Frayn

Secretary Date of approval: 1 July 2013

Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution