Sons of the American Revolution

Tampa Chapter

Monthly Membership Meeting

May 16, 2015

The May meeting of the Tampa SAR Chapter was held at its usual meeting place in the Piccadilly Cafeteria on Dale Mabry Drive in Tampa, Florida at Noon on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

          President Dick Young called the meeting to order at approximately 12:00 Noon.

          Compatriot Dr. John Goolsby gave the invocation.

          Compatriot Terry Doan led members and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

          Compatriot Dick Young led members in the SAR Pledge.

          Each member and guest introduced themselves.

Members present: Darrin Barlow, Chuck Bearss, Alan Bell, Dave Bryant, Robbins Denham, Gilbert Doan, Paul Ergler, Paul Farley , Mike Foley, Brian French, Cy Gambler, John Goolsby, Stan Harrell, Charles Klug, Rev. Calvin T. Martin, Ed Neugaard, Jack Spangler, John Sessums, Terrell Sessums, Ronald Taylor, Jerry Walters, Robert Yarnell and Dick Young.

Guests present: Speaker:Scott Anderson, Jim Arthur, Jon Keiler, Christopher Rollins, Gerry Williams DAR, Lisette Young.

President Dick Young gave an update on June Bolen wife of Compatriot Jack Bolen.

Report from the Board of Governors

Presidents Report:

         President Dick Young discussion the May 25th Memorial Day Celebration at the Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park

         Florida Patriot Magazine is available in print as well as a digital version on state website.

         SAR September Meeting Speaker: Open

         FLSSAR BOM Meeting will be held October 23- 25 in Orlando (same location)

         NSSAR National Congress will be held June 26 Ė July 1 in Louisville, KY

         Honor Flight Return will be May 19th at Clearwater- St. Petersburg Airport

         President Dick Young welcomed new SAR volunteers for the color guard for Honor Flight and other ceremonies.

         Nominating Committee for 2016 SAR Chapter Officers has been formed with members; Charles Klug, Terry Doan and John Goolsby.

Officers Reports:

Treasurers Report:

Treasurer Paul Ergler gave the treasurer report and noted the Tampa SAR Chapter bank balance on May 16, 2015 was $ 4,953.29.

Registrar Report:

Registrar Alan Bell noted that several SAR applications in the process of approval at state and national. He noted that Rev. Calvin Martin who is in attendance was approved for SAR membership.

ROTC Report:

Terry Doan summarized the Tampa SAR Chapterís ROTC Awards Program which was held in April 2015.

New Members:

Rev. Calvin Martin was presented with the Sons of the American Revolution membership certificate and SAR rosette and by President Dick Young and pledged his support to the SAR.


Vice President Charles Klug introduced the speaker: Scott Anderson Curator of the Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center which is located at 329 Bayshore Blvd South in Safety Harbor. Mr. Anderson was warmly received by the SAR Tampa Chapter.

Mr. Scott Andersonís remarked on the Museums Exhibits and Activities:

         The Safety Harbor Museum covers 10,000 years of history.

         Includes Mammoth fossil relics

         Study of the Tocobaga Indians tribes that lived in small villages at the northern end of Tampa Bay from 900 to the 1500s. The Tocobaga fished and gathered shellfish as their primary source of food. In the early 1500ís Spanish explorers, arrived in the Tampa Bay area who brought disease and violence to the tribe's peaceful existence. As a result, the Tocobaga Indians became extinct within the next 100 years.

         Archaeological digs in the Safety Harbor area of Florida have uncovered many artifacts, or man-made objects from the Tocobaga. Items such as plates and pots have been found indicating that the Tocobaga Indians were expert potters.

         Civil War History of Fort Brooks (150 year Anniversary exhibit of the end of the Civil War)

         Summer Camp Activities: Civil War Camp activities (15 children signed up)

         Archeology camp, Robotic exhibit, Jewelry and woodworking and Japanese print, and art classes.

Vice President Charles Klug presented Mr. Scott Anderson with a donation to Safety Harbor Museum & Cultural Center on behalf of the Tampa SAR Chapter.

50/50 lottery was drawn.

Dick Young reminded members of the next meeting in September.

President Dick Young led the members in the SAR Recessional.

Compatriot Dr. John Goolsby gave the benediction.

President Dick Young adjourned the meeting at approximately 1:48 pm.

Respectively Submitted

Tampa SAR Secretary, Brian French

May 16, 2015