Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution

Meeting Notice and News, November 2010



            Our next meeting will be held on November 20th in the private meeting room of the Piccadilly Cafeteria, located at 11810 Dale Mabry Highway North, Tampa, Florida (813-963-1660). Meetings begin at noon but members arrive as early as 11:30 for a time of camaraderie.

We plan on presenting our Law Enforcement award this month but our recipient, Corporal Robert Haugh of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department may be unable to attend due to his wife’s illness. Our Vice President is working to fine a suitable replacement program so we hope you’ll still make plans to attend.

Also at this meeting we’ll be electing our officers for 2011.

            Below are a number of items that may be of interest to you. Thanks for taking the time to look them over and thanks to Luke Lloyd for the pictures.




Kevin Yarnell

Secretary, Tampa Chapter



Our three newest members!


During the October meeting, President Lloyd presented membership certificates to Scott, Doug, and Garett Brown – 3 generations!


Thanks to Luke for his registrar work in getting these applications approved.



Upcoming Meetings

You can always get the latest schedule of meetings from our website but here’s a quick rundown of the fall lineup.

December 18th - our annual joint CAR meeting

January 15th – Installation of officers and guest speaker from the State Society

February 19th – George Washington program

March 19th – Fire Safety Award

April 16th – Annual JROTC Luncheon

May 21st – Presentation by 3 ‘young’ veterans



2011 Dues

We hope our current members will want to continue their membership and support of the SAR. We also invite former members to reactivate their membership. Dues for 2011 are

            National: $30

            Florida:   $20

            Tampa:   $15

Each year we ask our members to chip in a few extra dollars for some cause. This year any money collected will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Program. So make your check payable to Tampa SAR for $65.00, or perhaps a few dollars more and bring them to the November meeting. For those of you who wish to mail in your dues please send them to

Chuck Copeland, Tampa Chapter Treasurer

11325 Carrollwood Estates Dr.

Tampa, Florida, 33618


Dues need to be paid by the December meeting but we are grateful for everyone who pays early.


NSSAR Library

You may recall that our chapter is a “Friend of the Library”. Did you know that the library officially moved into the new building a few weeks ago? The National Society posted this video of the move http://www.sar.org/News/Moving-new-library. It won’t win any awards for best video (and the music is a bit tiring after a few minutes) but you’ll get to see some nice shots of the new facility.


Minutes of the October 16, 2010 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


President Luke Lloyd called the meeting to order at 11:58. Jack Bolen offered the invocation. The President led the pledge to the flag and the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Marty Miller, Roger Quackenbush, Paul Farley, Luke Lloyd, Garett Brown, Doug Brown, Scott Brown, Bill Floyd, Chuck Copeland, Chuck Hawley, John Sessums, Jack Bolen, Alan Bell, Ed Neugaard, Ira Ward, Mel Alexander, Terrell Sessums, Gray Reece, Robert Yarnell, and Kevin Yarnell.


Welcome guests:

Wives: Lissette Young, Judy Copeland, Jeanne Lloyd, Phyllis Ward, Licia Sessums, Emily Brown, Robin – fiancée of Scott Brown


The President asked the members to introduce their wives.


The minutes of the September meeting were approved.  


The secretary reminded the membership that the 2011 dues need to be paid in the next two months. The amount has not changed ($30 for National, $20 for Florida, $15 for local). He asked if the membership wished to continue the tradition of asking for extra money in the dues requests for some worthy cause. Jack moved that we send any money received to the Wounded Warrior program. Bob seconded the motion and, after some discussion of other options, the group agreed to Jack’s motion.


Our Treasurer, Chuck Copeland, reported expenses of $640.95 (mostly dealing with ROTC medals for our 2011 program and other awards) leaving a balance of $2,125.46.


Alan Bell, the registrar reported that Gray Reece received his national number and two supplementals are pending at National. Others are in various stages of completion.


Alan Bell, our color guard commander, reported on the group’s participation in the Sun City Center’s Wounded Warrior Program and future events.


Under old business the members returned to consideration of Officer and Director Liability Insurance. The cost of the insurance has been lowered to $250 per year. Terrell Sessums agreed to look up a point regarding Florida Statues and the secretary expects to get some additional information at the Florida Society Board of Management Meeting. The group will take up the decision at the November meeting.


The nominating committee reported on their deliberations. They are suggesting no change in the current officers. Each current officer has agreed to continue for another year. The committee did stress that if members would like to take over an office the current holders were open to that possibility.


The President then presented Scott, Doug, and Garett Brown their membership certificates.


Luke announced a Genealogy Workshop in February. Our December meeting will again be a joint meeting with the CAR. John Skillman will also make a presentation.


The meeting recessed for lunch.


The President introduced the Vice President who introduced member John Sessums who spoke on the Battle of Moore’s Creek. His ancestors participated in the battle and so John began his talk with a brief background of these men.


The speaker provided a summary handout which is reprinted here.


Battle of Moore’s Creek- February 27, 1776


1746-47- After Duke of Cumberland defeats rebellion of Prince James Charles Stewart’s army at Culloden Moore,  Scotland Highlander Clan chiefs sent in servitude to N.C.


1770-1775 - Immigration of thousands of Scots to Brunswick, Cross Creek and Wilmington, North Carolina. 691 known land grants received by Highlanders in Cross Creek and Wilmington Area in 1774-75.


April 4, 1775 - News of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, a Provincial Congress called to elect N.C. military officers on April 4.  On June 2 Governor Martin abandons New Bern fleeing to British ship.


January 1776- Norfolk Virginia burned to the ground by British ships.


February 1776- North Carolina Governor Martin plans to have Gen. Clinton sail from Boston with 2000 regulars to the Cape Fear River.  General Donald McDonald picked to lead 1600 Scottish Highlanders traveling by land to join Clinton to take control of Wilmington.  Martin hopes to raise 10,000 regulators and Highlanders in colony.


Feb. 15, 1776- At news of loyalists assembling at Cross Creek, patriots assemble forces at Wilmington throwing up breastwork fortifications. In New Bern district militia are mustered under Col. Richard Caswell and ordered to join the other militia to counter the Scottish loyalist.  Col. James Moore is given command.


Feb. 20, 1776- General Donald MacDonald leads 1600 Highlander troops toward Wilmington from Cross Creek.  Colonel James Moore 1st Regiment of Continentals takes position to block MacDonald at Rockfish Creek and is joined by Lillington, Ashe, Kenan, Martin and Thackston.


Feb. 25- General MacDonald marches east. Lillington arrives at Moore’s Creek with 150 men and draws up earthworks on east side of the creek.  Caswell camped on west side with 850 men.  Gen. MacDonald’s camp is 6 miles away, losing the race to the bridge. Gen. MacDonald holds a Council of war and decides to attack Caswell’s weak position.


Feb. 26- In the evening Americans straddle the bridge and lay in wait taking planks apart. Leaving their fires burning, Ashe joins Lillington on the east side of bridge. 

Feb. 27- Col. McLeod is chosen to lead 75 of his best broad swordsmen to the bridge in the dark of morning to surprise the enemy about 1 a.m.  Gunfire heard near the bridge and the Scots charge but are cut down by musket and artillery fire.  Loyalist troops rout and are pursued. Gen. MacDonald’s forces are captured.  Suspected persons are disarmed.


The victory had large implications. It showed the surprising strength of the countryside militia.  Loyalist sentiment was discouraged and Independence was formed in N.C.


Emily Brown won the 50/50 and she and the treasury were each enriched by $12.00.


The President led the recessional, Jack Bolen gave the benediction, and the meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary