Tampa Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution

Meeting Notice and News, September 2010



            Our first meeting of the 2010-2011 year will be held on September 18th in the private meeting room of the Piccadilly Cafeteria, located at 11810 Dale Mabry Highway North, Tampa, Florida (813-963-1660). Meetings begin at noon but members arrive as early as 11:30 for a time of camaraderie.

We regret that our speaker scheduled for this meeting has cancelled but our Vice President Robert Yarnell – a fine speaker himself – will seek to increase our knowledge and understanding of the Revolutionary War.

            Below are a number of items that may be of interest to you. Thanks for taking the time to look them over.




Kevin Yarnell

Secretary, Tampa Chapter


Upcoming Meetings

You can always get the latest schedule of meetings from our website but here’s a quick rundown of the fall lineup.

October 16th – John Sessums will be our speaker

November 20th – Law Enforcement Award and program

December 18th - our annual joint CAR meeting


1st Annual Conference on the American Revolution

John Skillman had the opportunity to attend this event sponsored by the National Society in June. Here’s what he wrote us.


I cannot begin to say how much I enjoyed and learned from the terrific the 1st Annual Conference on the American Revolution, held this past weekend at the Hotel Thayer at West Point. It was extremely well planned and executed and a great success by every measure. The ten or so history Professors from as many different universities who spoke, each on a different protégé of George Washington, were all brilliant and thoroughly versed on their subject. We all came away with an understanding of GW as if he were there himself - truthfully a better understanding of GW than if he were there himself! He was in every sense a great man and worthy of his title as “Father of our Country.”


I regret that all of you were not there to gain from this experience. The summation will be the publication of a book combining all the papers presented after they are collected, organized, edited and reviewed by the peers of the authors. It should be a great read for all of us. Next year’s conference will be in Baltimore with a focus on African-American participants in the Rev War.


Our Summer Joint DAR, CAR, SAR Picnic

We had a great group gather at Lettuce Lake Park on Saturday, August 14th for our CAR, DAR, SAR Picnic. The quality of the food brought by the groups was only exceeded by the excellence of the company and conversation. As per the saying, “a great time was had by all!” Special thanks go out to our chapter members who helped make the event a success, especially Jack Bolen who coordinated the RSVP’s and food assignments.


Update on the Center for Advancing America’s Heritage

As you most likely know our National Society is currently renovating a building in downtown Louisville that will serve as the new site for the national headquarters. The remodeling is progressing well and the library section will be completed later this fall. You can see a video showing scenes from the construction at http://www.sar.org/News/Progress-New-Library-and-Headquarters-Video-8. If you had the opportunity to view photos of the gutted building you’ll agree that the progress made has been tremendous.



A Bit of Tampa Chapter History

Over the summer we finished scanning and posting all the chapter newsletters that are on file. With just a few omissions, we have all the publications from December 1985 to the present. Reading through these can be interesting and perhaps having you long for “the good ol’ days”. The December 1985 edition reminded members to submit their 1986 dues in the amount of $26! [We’re a bit higher now.]


Minutes of the May 15, 2010 meeting of the Tampa Chapter SAR


In the absence of the President the Vice President Yarnell called the meeting to order at 12:00. Jack Bolen offered the invocation. The Vice President led the pledge to the flag and the pledge to the SAR.


Members present: Marty Miller, Terrell Sessums, Chuck Hawley, Robert Koehler, Ed Neugaard, Dick Young, and Kevin Yarnell.


Welcome guests:

Wives: June Bolen, Lissette Young, Emily

Other guests: Jack Spangler, and Leo Kelly, prospective members


The President and members introduced our guests.


The minutes of the April meeting were approved.  


The secretary announced that the chapter had placed 3rd in the 2009 chapter challenge competition and will give the streamer to Alan Bell for the chapter flag.


Our Treasurer, Chuck Copeland, was unable to attend but send word that the treasury balance was with in $150 of that reported last month.


Jack reminded the color guard of Lutz 4th of July parade and invited other members to join.


The joint DAR, SAR, CAR picnic is planned for Sat. August 14th. The group considered the location and had no preference between Lettuce Lake or Al Lopez. Vice President Yarnell asked about the chapter providing the main entrée. This seemed a good idea. Chicken nuggets, ham, and grilling hamburgers were suggested. Jack moved that the chapter pay up to $100 for the entrée. Seconded by Ed and passed.


The meeting recessed for lunch.


The Vice President reconvened the meeting and introduced Jim Schur who provided a very informative talk regarding the Spanish presence in Florida and the Gulf region from the late 1500’s up to the Battle of Pensacola.


Jeanne Bolen won the 50/50. She donated her half to the chapter and thus the treasury was enriched by $7.00.


The Vice President led the recessional, Jack Bolen gave the benediction, and the meeting adjourned at 1:18pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Yarnell

Chapter Secretary