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January 2013



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The January meeting of the Tampa Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, will held on Saturday, January 19th at the Piccadilly Cafeteria, located at 11810 Dale Mabry Highway North, Tampa, Florida (813-963-1660).  The speaker will be Ann W. Palmer, Senior Librarian, Library Services, Hillsborough County BOCC. The membership will be given a report of the Board of Management meeting that was held on Sat. Jan. 5th.



American Revolution Notes:

This month we turn to Jan. 15, 1776 and the publication of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Common Sense challenged the authority of the British government and the royal monarchy. The plain language that Paine used spoke to the common people of America and was the first work to openly ask for independence from Great Britain.  I have copied some of the more pertinent and more famous passages for you to read with a short note at the end.

“IN the following pages I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense: and have no other preliminaries to settle with the reader, than that he will divest himself of prejudice and prepossession, and suffer his reason and his feelings to determine for themselves that he will put on, or rather that he will not put off, the true character of a man, and generously enlarge his views beyond the present day.”

I HAVE never met with a man, either in England or America, who hath not confessed his opinion, that a separation between the countries would take place one time or other: And there is no instance in which we have shown less judgment, than in endeavoring to describe, what we call, the ripeness or fitness of the continent for independence.

As all men allow the measure, and vary only in their opinion of the time, let us, in order to remove mistakes, take a general survey of things, and endeavor if possible to find out the VERY time. But I need not go far, the inquiry ceases at once, for the TIME HATH FOUND US. The general concurrence, the glorious union of all things, proves the fact.

I challenge the warmest advocate for reconciliation to show a single advantage that this continent can reap by being connected with Great Britain. I repeat the challenge; not a single advantage is derived. Our corn will fetch its price in any market in Europe, and our imported goods must be paid for buy them where we will.

But the injuries and disadvantages which we sustain by that connection, are without number; and our duty to mankind at large, as well as to ourselves, instruct us to renounce the alliance: because, any submission to, or dependence on, Great Britain, tends directly to involve this Continent in European wars and quarrels, and set us at variance with nations who would otherwise seek our friendship, and against whom we have neither anger nor complaint. As Europe is our market for trade, we ought to form no partial connection with any part of it. It is the true interest of America to steer clear of European contentions, which she never can do, while, by her dependence on Britain, she is made the makeweight in the scale of British politics.

I shall conclude these remarks, The birthday of a new world is at hand. Let the names of Whig and Tory be extinct; and let none other be heard among us, than those of a good citizen, an open and resolute friend, and a virtuous supporter of the RIGHTS of MANKIND, and of the FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES OF AMERICA.

While the pamphlet actually had very little influence on what was going on inside Congress, it had a wide circulation among the people.  Tens of thousands of copies were sold and many that did not purchase a copy were able to get their hands on one.  It had two main impacts.  One…for the first time someone put the common sense of the matter before the people in simple terms that could not be refuted.  Second, it had the residual effect of causing many other wise cautious men to join the army come spring. 

It is interesting to note, however, that when you think of the Revolution, the three most radical of the colonial leaders, Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, and Patrick Henry, all were marginalized after the victory at Yorktown an had no influence on the writing of the Constitution.




Below is the tentative program schedule for the 2013 calendar year.  As always send along any suggestions for speakers.


January            Speaker from the Tampa Public Library

February          Washington speaker—tentative/TBA

March              tentative—genealogy speaker

April                ROTC luncheon

May                 Speaker Veterans Memorial Park and Museum

Sept.                TBA

Oct.                 Law Enforcement; EMT Fire Fighter Medal

Nov.                Joint meeting with CAR
Dec.                 Installation of Officers



Miscellaneous Notes and Reminders:


Chapter Website—always remember you can find information about the chapter and programs on the chapter website.  http://www.patriot-web.com/


Jack Bolen wishes his gratitude to the Chapter for the award of his Meritorious Service Medal be published in the Newsletter.


One of the duties of the Chapter Chaplain is to send cards to our members that are sick. If you know of anyone that I need to send a card to, please mention it at our next meeting. Another duty is to send a sympathy card to the family of a member who has passed away.

Jack C. Bolen           



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