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January 2014



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The January meeting of the Tampa Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution will be on Saturday, January 18th at the Piccadilly Cafeteria, located at 11810 Dale Mabry Highway North, Tampa, Florida (813-963-1660).  The meeting starts at noon but many members arrive early for a time of conversation and fellowship. The speaker for the meeting will Michelle Hubenschmidt from Polk County.  She is the National Society Sons of the American Revolution’s “Teacher of the Year.”



American Revolution Notes

 This month we turn our attention to the south.  On January 17, 1781, a colonial force under the command of Daniel Morgan defeated a British force commanded by Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton at the Battle of the Cowpens.  This battle, sometimes referred to as the turning point in the southern campaign, was part of the chain of events that would lead to the surrender of the British southern army nine months later at Yorktown.

          Following the disaster at Camden, Washington sent Nathanial Greene to take command of what was left of the American southern army.  Greene divided his army into two parts.  One commanded by himself, and the other commanded by Morgan.  British General Cornwallis countered this move by sending Tarleton with a sizable force after Morgan while he took his main body and pursued Greene.  Morgan kept his command one step ahead of Tarleton until he reached an area known locally as the Cowpens because it was used regularly as a pasture for cattle.  Once he decided to make a stand at the Cowpens, Morgan sent out word into the countryside for militia to come to his aid.  

          The night before the battle Morgan went from campfire to campfire encouraging the men and outlining his battle plan.  Unlike some commanders he treated the militia with respect and talked their language.  He asked them to fire two volleys against the British and then to retreat behind the trained continentals.  The following day as Tarleton approached the American position, Morgan sent out some of sharpshooters who singled out British officers and temporarily halted the feared mounted dragoons of Tarleton’s force.   They then retreated to the 2nd line where the militia were stationed.  Most of the militia delivered their two volleys before retreating the 150 yards to Morgan’s main line.  However, some of Tarleton’s dragoons caught up with them and it was sword vs. rifle butts for a few minutes.  Then, Wm. Washington’s cavalry appeared seemingly out of no where (it had been planned by Morgan) to thwart the charge of the dragoons and allow the militia to join the main line. 

          The continental line held firm.  But, a misunderstood order resulted in part of the line retreating.  It was an orderly retreat and Morgan quickly had the men turned around, facing the British and delivering a well-timed volley into their faces.  The British infantry wavered.  Some surrendered and others fled the field.  Tarleton, realizing the battle was lost, also left the field to deliver the unwelcome news to Cornwallis.

          Morgan’s force rejoined Greene and the continued leading Cornwallis on a merry chase throughout the Carolina’s, resulting in the Battle of Guilford Court House and Cornwallis’ subsequent move to Yorktown.

          (ed. Note.  Several years ago, compatriot Jack Bolen gave a fine talk on Cowpens.  I’m sure he won’t mind chatting about the battle prior to the meeting if you have any questions.)







Below is the tentative program schedule for spring 2014.  As always send along any suggestions for speakers.


February      Alexander Hamilton

March          USO of Tampa

April            ROTC Recognition

May            Victory Ship and Museum



 Park and Museum


Misc. Reminders and notes


Florida Society SAR BOM Meetings (Orlando)

                January 24-25;                May 2-4;                www.flssar.org

National Society Annual Congress (Greenville, SC)

                July 18-24;                www.sar.org


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