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Sons of the American Revolution

December 2015



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Meeting announcement

The December meeting of the Tampa Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution will be on Saturday, December 19th , 12 noon, at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant at Rocky Point.  The main event of the meeting will be the Installation of New Elected Officers.  We have 36 reservations for this meeting and one compatriot planning to join the meeting after lunch is served.  Reservations are closed   


November Meeting


In November, the Tampa Chapter held its annual Law Enforcement and Fire Fighter Commendation and Recognition Meeting.  For the first time in many years the Chapter was able to recognize a Fire Fighter, due to the efforts of Compatriot Dave Bryant.  Many thanks as well to Compatriots Steve Gaskins (Jacksonville Chapter) and Darrin Barlow for identifying honorees from the FHP and HCSO.  Pictured above are our three honorees: Corporal James Covert, Deputy Stephanie Krager and Fire Fighter Greg Stanley. 


Note from the President

On Saturday, the Tampa Chapter participated in the Wreaths Across American ceremony at the American Legion Post #5 Veterans Cemetery in Tampa.  Color Guard Commander Alan Bell was joined by Compatriots Terry Doan, Dave Bryant, David Chestnut (St. Petersburg Chapter), Dick Young and Jack Bolen.  At the request of the American Legion, President-Elect Charles Klug read the 2015 Wreaths Across American Proclamation from NSSAR President General Thomas Lawrence as part of the Ceremony.



Revolution note

This month we will look at two snapshots in one.

One in early December 1776 and one in early December 1778. 

In early December 1776 Washington’s army was in trouble.  Over the previous few months he had lost battles on Long Island, on Harlem Heights, White Plains and Ft. Washington.  His army had shrunk to about 2000 and most of those were only hanging around until Dec. 31st until their enlistments ran out.  In other words, the outlook for a successful outcome was bleak.

       In December 1778 Washington’s army, 8,000-10,000 men, encamped near Middlebrook, New Jersey.  And…everything had changed.  The mood was much more optimistic and in fact, many had allowed themselves to believe that independence not only could, but would be achieved.

       From a helicopter, taking a snap shot, the pictures look similar.  A British army in New York supported by a large navy and a smaller American army outside of New York.  The same picture, but everything had changed.

       So, what had changed? The small victories at Trenton and Princeton in Dec/Jan 1776/1777 had restored morale.  Burgoyne’s defeat at Saratoga coupled with Franklin’s diplomacy in Paris had turned it into a world war, and the training that took place under von Steuben at Valley Forge had turned Washington’s rabble into an army.

          It is worth remembering, looking at what happened during those 2 years, that the war for Independence was not easily won and that in most cases, looking at the big picture gives a clearer understanding of what happened than just looking at the bits and pieces.





December - Officer Installation


January       Compatriot Jack Bolen speaking on the Battle of the Cow Pens 

February     A return visit from Rand Sholet of the Alexander Hamilton Awareness (AHA) Society 

March         Vietnam War 50th Anniversary Commemoration and recognition of Vietnam Era veterans

April          JROTC Recognition

May            Tampa Bay History Center (tentative)

Kevin Yarnell Update

Deacon Kevin has made a reservation for the Office Installation Luncheon and is expected to attend.  He is on his semester break in fifth and last year at Seminary.  Kevin will be assigned somewhere within the Dioceses of St. Petersburg up completion of Seminary and Ordination and expects to return to the Tampa Chapter as an active member. 


Misc. Reminders and notes:


Chapter Website—remember you can find information about the chapter and programs on the chapter website.      http://www.tampasar.org/


One of the duties of the Chapter Chaplain is to send cards to our members that are sick. If you know of anyone that we need to send a card to, please contact Chaplain-Elect John Sessums and/or mention it to him or one of the other officers at our next meeting. Another duty is to send a sympathy card to the family of a member who has passed away.