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February 2017




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The February meeting of the Tampa Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, will held on Saturday, February 18 in the Cypress Room at Grille 116 on N. Dale Mabry from 11:30-1:30.  The address is 612 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa.  813-350-0216. A quick reminder: The use of the Cypress Room is at no charge.  Lunch is optional. However, for those ordering lunch, we have negotiated a fixed "all inclusive" price of $16 per person, which includes the meal, drink, tax and gratuity.  Thus, we will meet our minimum if 15 people order lunch. 


The program will be Professor Tillson talking about colonial Virginia


The January Meeting was our Annual Officer Installation Meeting at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Tampa.  President Charles Klug presented a paper on George Washington's first inauguration and a copy of his inauguration speech.   Florida Society Regional Vice President Pat Niemann was on hand to install the new officers, medals were handed out, new membership certificates were presented and a good time was had by all.





Revolutionary History Note


Our column continues the overview of the proposed South Carolina Liberty Trail, an effort aimed at preserving and interpreting various Revolutionary War sites relating to the southern Campaign of 1779-1781. This month we’ll examine the Battle of Waxhaws and then move to the Battle of Hanging Rock next month.


The initial goal at Waxhaws is just to raise money to preserve (initially) 48 acres of the 145 acres relating to the Battle Field still undeveloped.  However, once the site is secured, interpreting Waxhaws will be a challenge.  On May 29, 1780 Banastre Tarleton and his loyalist legion had overtaken a force of 350 colonial troops, commanded by Abraham Buford, who were retreating after failing in their goal to reinforce Charleston.  When Tarleton overtook the colonials, he sent forward an officer with an offer for surrender.  The American commander refused and the battle began. Later Henry Bowyer, Col. Buford’s adjutant, rode forward with a flag of truce to advise Tarleton that Buford was now prepared to surrender.  According to Bowyer, when he got close to the British commander, he delivered Buford’s message, but a shot fired from the American lines, at the same moment struck the forehead of Tarleton’s horse. Both horse and rider fell.

                             Sir Joshua Reynolds, “Colonel Tarleton,” 1782. (The National Gallery)

Upset that the Americans had dishonored the flag of truce, and fearing their commander was dead, his men reacted, in Tarleton’s own words, with “a vindictive severity not easily restrained.” Since he was pinned beneath his horse there is little he could have done to restrain them. The British charged into the American ranks and killed most of them, even those who attempted to surrender.  This led to the phrase “Tarleton’s Quarter” meaning that Tarleton did not respect the rules of war and his men summarily killed anyone who tried to surrender. 

The legend and, perhaps myth, of Tarleton’s cruelty has survived for over 200 years and been exaggerated in both books on the Revolution and in movies—especially the movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson. Various American historians have maintained, ever since the close of the war, that Tarleton was responsible for ordering the slaughter, but was he? Did the action instigate, as is generally asserted, the merciless barbarity with which the war was waged by the revolutionary irregulars and state troops?  There in will lay the difficulty of interpreting the battle. 


Color Guard Opportunities

March 5 - Massing of the Colors sponsored by the Military Order of World Wars at the Pasadena Community United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, at 2:00 PM. 

March 11 - Commemoration of the Last Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War, a National SAR event, at the Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island.  Color Guard members need to be there by 9:30 AM.  The event starts at 10:00.  Everyone is invited.  Must be in colonial attire to march with the State Color Guard. 


Contact Alan Bell for more information. 


JROTC/ROTC Recognition

Committee Chair Compatriot Terry Doan reports that invitations to participate have been sent to all the high school and college units in our area and we expect no less participation than we had in 2016.  Medals and certificates are on order.  Terry is unable to attend the February meeting, and advises that there are JROTC units that will have their awards ceremony in March.  He will need volunteer compatriots to attend those ceremonies to make the medal presentations.  If you have never done this before, consider doing it this year.  It does take some of your time for a 60 second presentation, but it is a rewarding experience and you meet some great young people.


BOM Report 

The winter BOM was held on Saturday, February 4 at the Embassy Suites in Kissimmee.  This meeting was a trial of having a one day meeting and seemed to go over well.  The Tampa Chapter was represented by Chapter Vice President John Goolsby and State Treasurer Dick Young.  This meeting was also the annual Florida Society Rumbaugh Oration Contest.  There were only two contestants this year.  Some of the more important matters coming out of this meeting...

·         There is no current discussion on raising dues or fees at the State or National level. 

·         National SAR has started a Youth Protection Training program.  "The program is an effort by the NSSAR to bring a level of awareness to those who serve on committees where a member interacts with a minor, on the proper decorum of interaction.  The program uses the Boy Scouts of America training module..."  There is a 30 minute BSA on-line self-study module and certification.

·         National SAR has been pulled into the transgender question by an individual, born a female, who now considers her/him self a male and has inquired about membership into the SAR.  This question is being addressed by the SAR Chancellor General and legal counsel.  A formal response will be presented to the National Trustees at the Winter Leadership Meeting in March for their approval as the SAR position on this question.

·         According to the State Secretary, after all renewals processed thru Jan 31, the Florida Society has 2,163 active members, some more active than others.

·         The State Treasurer reported that the Florida Society ended the year with a surplus, due largely to growth in new members. 

·         The full proceedings are included in the "Members Only" section of the FLSSAR website.

·         The Annual Meeting and Spring BOM will be held at the same location on May 19-21. 


Program Schedule

Feb 18-  Professor Tillson - Revolutionary Virginia - Grill 116

March 18 - Richard Wainio - Panama Canal Update - Grill 116

April 15 - JROTC recognition: Boy Scout Annex

May -Rodney Kite-Powell: History of the Tampa Bay Area

          Boy Scout Annex 


Misc. Notes and reminders:

        Chapter Website—remember you can find information about the chapter and programs on the chapter website.      http://www.tampasar.org/

          One of the duties of the Chapter Chaplain is to send cards to our members that are sick. Another is to send a sympathy card to the family of a member who has passed away. If you know of anyone that should be the recipient of these cards please mention it to Chaplain Sessums or one of the other officers at our next meeting.

          Chapter officers and committee chairman are encouraged to send any pertinent information they wish included in the newsletter to the editor.