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April 2021



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Meeting Announcements

The April meeting will be Sat. April 17 at noon.  The meeting will, again, be on Zoom. Pres. Dave Bryant has sent out the Zoom link so you can log on and participate.  A copy of that link was also included in the email that transmitted this Newsletter. 

The program will be by Tara Ross, a nationally recognized expert on the Electoral College. After a year of persistence, she has agreed to join us.  You may follow her daily American history Facebook Posts where thousands of followers enjoy her short stories.  If not, you should check them out and get on that distribution.  She has written lots of articles and books on history and the Electoral College. She has written for the Washington Times, USA Today, and many other publications.  She has appeared on CSPAN, NPR, FOX News, and has a Prager University on-line presentation that has had over 60 million views.   Feel free to invite family and friends to log in for this special meeting on Saturday, April 17th at 12:00 noon.


The March program was presented by Ms. Isabella Park, a senior in the early college program at St Petersburg College.  She spoke about THE event of the Revolution she would most like to have witnessed and explain why.  She chose the midnight ride of Williams Dawes to warn the minutemen at Lexington and Concord that the British were marching out of Boston.  She chose Dawes over Paul Revere who was made more famous by Longfellow’s somewhat inaccurate poem of the “midnight ride”,


Revolution History Note

I am going to wrap up this meeting year with a two-part series on the Quebec Act.  This month I will provide some background to the Act, explain why Parliament passed it and explain its provisions. Next month I will connect it to the break with England and why the American colonists saw danger to themselves in an Act of Parliament directed towards Quebec.


Background to the Quebec Act

In 1763, following the end of the 1754-1763 War for Empire, King George III issued the Proclamation of 1763. While most people are familiar with its restrictions on the movement of the American colonists west, many do not realize that most of its provisions dealt with the British takeover of Quebec province.

Specifically, the Proclamation stated that British Civil Law would replace the French Civil Law being used in Quebec. While it guaranteed religious freedom for the French Catholics, it severely restricted their ability to gain employment in the British bureaucracy.  To get a job in the British government, a person had to swear allegiance to the King and to the Anglican Church. This would require most French residents in Quebec to renounce their Catholicism, which they would not do. Additionally, the Proclamation prohibited Jesuit priests in the colony and restricted the ability of the Catholic Church to collect tithes in Quebec.

The French in Quebec liked their language, customs and traditions and wanted to keep them.  As things heated up between the thirteen American colonies and the mother country, English merchants in Quebec feared the French in Quebec would join the American cause. This fear forced the removal of the British Governor, James Murray.  His replacement, Lord Guy Carleton began to think up ways the British might retain and increase the loyalty of their French subjects in Quebec. Those musings resulted in the Quebec Act of 1774. 


The Quebec Act of 1774

The Quebec Act removed the requirement to swear allegiance to the Anglican Church.  This meant that French-Catholics now could participate in British colonial government.  It allowed Jesuit priests in the province and the Catholic Church could openly and freely collect tithes.

The Quebec Act increased the size of the province and redrew the boundaries.  The province would now extend southward to the Ohio River and to the west would include all of what is now Ontario Province.

The British colonies in North America. Engraved and published by

Royal Geographer William Faden in 1777. The 13 colonies were tightly

circumscribed by Quebec in this map.

The Act restructured the provincial government.  The Governor would continue to be appointed by the British Crown and, of note to the American colonists, there would be no legislative assembly elected by the people of province. And while British criminal law remained in place, French Civil Law, familiar to and preferred by the residents returned.

The Quebec Act achieved its goal. The French in Quebec remained loyal to the British crown and did not join the American colonists when hostilities broke out in 1775 or when they broke with England in 1776.


Next month—why the American colonists viewed the Quebec Act as one of the “Intolerable” Acts and its causal relationship to the break with England.


Program schedule


April 17   Zoom.  Program Tara Ross

May 15    Place and Program TBD (hopefully in-person)


Color Guard Activity

Other Chapters and State Societies continue to hold virtual Color Guard events.  That information will be forwarded as it comes available.  The Pensacola Chapter recently announced that they would host a virtual commemoration of the Battle of Pensacola on May 8. 


On March 27, your Color Guard Commander joined the National Color Guard Commander and his staff at the Commemoration of the Battle of Thomas Creek.  The Jacksonville Chapter always does a great job organizing this event.  There were more than 100 people in attendance including many from the DAR and C.A.R.


Upcoming Events Include…

·         The Okeechobee Chapter will be making a Liberty Tree Dedication on April 18, as part of the Highlands County 100th Anniversary Celebration.

·         The Florida Society BOM and Annual Meeting will be in Kissimmee on April 30-May 1 with 4-5 opportunities to serve with the State Color Guard.

·         The Pensacola Chapter announced last month that it plans to host a virtual commemoration of the Battle of Pensacola on May 8.  This event may not happen.  There is talk of cancelation due to COVID concerns.  Details will be provided as they come available.

·         Memorial Day 2021 – we have been asked to Present the Colors at the American Legion Post #5 Memorial Day Service.  The Service begins at 10:00 AM.   If you plan to be part of the Color Guard, you need to be there by 9:30. 

·         There have been rumblings of a Flag Day Event at Disney on June 14.  If that develops, details will be provided as they become available.   

·         The 2021 National Congress is still scheduled as an in-person event in Renton, Washington on July 8-14.  There are multiple opportunities to serve with the National Color Guard at this or any at Congress.


SAR Events



The 2021 Congress is scheduled to be held in-person in Renton, Washington (Seattle) on July 8 – 14.  Information is available on the SAR website.  The 2022 Congress will in Savanah, Georgia.  The 2023 Congress will be held in Orlando.  Plans are being made and volunteers will be needed. 



The Florida SAR Spring BOM and Annual Meeting will be held at an Embassy Suites in Kissimmee on April 30 – May 1.  Details and registration information are posted on the flssar.org website (click on the BOM tab).  National SAR President General John (Jack) Manning is scheduled to attend. 



We have been advised that American Legion Post #5 USS Tampa will be hosting an in-person Memorial Day Service at 10:00 on Memorial Day (May 31).  Our Chapter Color Guard has been asked to Present the Colors.  Everyone is invited to attend whether you are part of the Color Guard or not for this day of remembrance for those who served in our armed forces who have gone on before us. 


Miscellaneous Reminders

The new face book page for the Tampa Sons of the American Revolution is

Tampa Sar. The password to add anything is American1776.  Please feel free to upload pictures or comments. Invite all your friends to look.


Chapter Website—remember you can find information about the chapter and programs on the chapter website.   http://www.tampasar.org/


One of the duties of the Chapter Chaplain is to send cards to our members that are sick. Another is to send a sympathy card to the family of a member who has passed away. If you know of anyone that should be the recipient of these cards, please mention it to Chaplain Sessums or one of the other officers.


 Chapter officers and committee chairman are encouraged to send any pertinent information they wish included in the newsletter to the editor.